Pakistan for meaningful dialogue on Kashmir

Pakistan for meaningful dialogue on Kashmir

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Sunday said that it wanted a meaningful, sustainable and result oriented dialogue with India on Kashmir issue.
Foreign office spokesperson Nafees Zakria said Pakistan had initiated a composite dialogue with India in the past but the latter had not shown seriousness to resolve the issue, he said while talking to PTV.
He said Pakistan highlighted Indian “atrocities and barbarism” on innocent Kashmiris adding it wanted “immediate end to human rights violation and bloodshed in Kashmir”.
“We cannot initiate talks with India in such worsened circumstances in the Valley,” he added.
He said international community had been putting pressure on Indian authorities to stop “cruelties” on the people of Kashmir.
“India was trying to convert Kashmiris into minority and change demography of Kashmir by settling India retired officials in the valley,” the spokesperson said.
He said Kashmiris were determined for their right of freedom as per resolutions of United Nations (UN).

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  1. G. Din   May 2, 2017 at 12:43 am

    What you could not get on the battle field, do not expect at the negotiating table. Having tried force of arms three times, you are in no position to demand talks.


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