‘Taliban militants are enemies of Islam’

‘Taliban militants are enemies of Islam’

Ehsanullah Ehsan, in a con­fessional video, issued by Pa­kistan army on Wednesday said the Taliban militants were enemies of Islam and asked the youth to stay away from them.

“These people misled peo­ple in the name of Islam, es­pecially the youth, for their own ends,” he said and asked militants to stop fighting and return to Pakistan from Af­ghanistan.

He said that the Taliban militants were responsible for attacks at schools, colleges and universities in Pakistan.

Taliban militants con­ducted a terrorist attack on an army run school in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar in December 2014, killing nearly 150 people, mostly students.

Ehsan also claimed that the Taliban militants fled to Afghanistan after opera­tions in Pakistan’s tribal re­gion and there they were supported by foreign intelli­gence agencies.

He said that Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Secu­rity (NDS) facilitated the Pa­kistani militants by issuing special identity cards called ‘Tazkira’ for their hassle-free movement in Afghanistan.

Ehsan said that his origi­nal name was Liaquat Ali and he was a former spokesper­son of the Jamaat-ul-Ahrar and the Taliban. “My name is Liaquat Ali, aka Ehsanul­lah Ehsan and I belong to the Mohmand Agency,” he said in the video.

Ehsan said that he joined the TTP in 2008 when he was a college student and spent about nine years with the militants.

He also revealed that after former TTP leader Hakimullah Mehsud was killed, a new succession struggle kicked off.

Finally Mullah Fazlullah was elected by drawing lots.

“What can you expect from a leader who was nominated through a lucky draw? And what can you expect from Fa­zlullah, who married his men­tor’s daughter by force and took her away,” Ehsan said.