‘Saffron brigade enjoying free hand in breaking law’

‘Saffron brigade enjoying free hand in breaking law’

Lucknow: BSP chief Mayawati on Wednesday echoed Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav’s comments on law and order in Uttar Pradesh, al­leging that the “saffron brigade” has been given a free hand to break the law.

She alleged that instead of doing con­crete work in the wider interest of the state, the BJP government here, like the one at the Centre, was giving more im­portance to gaining cheap publicity.

Akhilesh had on Tuesday remarked that those wearing saffron scarves had got the licence to beat up policemen and attack police stations after the change of guard in Uttar Pradesh.

The comments from both leaders came in the backdrop of right-wing ac­tivists thrashing policemen in Agra besides other law and order related inci­dents in the state.

“The saffron brigade has been given freedom to play with the law and order of the state like it was given to goondas and mafia elements of the ruling party in the previous (SP) government,” she told party leaders at a meeting here.

Mayawati said there is a danger­ous trend growing under the present government of people trying to become “heroes” by playing with law and order, which she said had been evident at all levels during the previous govenrment.