Will step down if dialogue not held: CM

Will step down if dialogue not held: CM

Srinagar: Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on Tuesday threatened to step down if New Delhi fails to hold dialogue over Kashmir. The statement comes after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, put normalcy as a pre-condition to dialogue in a meeting between the two in New Delhi on Monday.
“If there is no heed paid to the demand of holding talks, I am ready to leave my chair,” reliable sources in Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) quoted from the Mehbooba Mufti’s address at a meeting of party legislators here on Tuesday.
During the meeting at Mehbooba’s Faireview residence at Gupkar, the PDP president said that time had come for the central government to work on issues agreed in the Agenda of Alliance. She has asked her party members to reconnect to people in Kashmir, especially the youth at grassroots, and work for avoiding any further deterioration in the situation in valley, party sources said.
“The party members should reconnect with the grassroots without any delay and work to engage youth so that the situation does not slip out of hands once again,” sources said she told the meeting.
Tuesday’s meeting came as a part of a series of meetings the party has been holding with its leaders and workers to chalk out a way forward in view of the present situation in Kashmir, a party member told Kashmir Reader.
On Monday, the Chief Minister held a core group meeting in which she said the ruling dispensation in New Delhi is ready to initiate a dialogue on Kashmir but wants atmosphere to be conducive first.
She informed the members about her meeting with the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, and Home Minister, Rajnath Singh, at New Delhi on Monday. She told the meeting she was categorical to New Delhi that the overall peace and development in Kashmir depends on the dialogue.

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  1. Rabindra Nath Roy   April 26, 2017 at 11:03 pm

    Am not a Kashmiri, but I love Kashmiris more than Kashmir itself, for Kashmir is made up of rivers, hills and mountains, valleys and flowers and so on but without the people of Kashmiri People in it whole space is like a grave yard. Mehbooba has failed her people, While in a meeting with the PM in Delhi she appealed to the present CMs of some of the states of India to be prompt in looking after the Kashmiris in their states, but whom was she addressing this? It is Raj Nath Singh himself the home Minister of Delhi who controls the law and order of Delhi that a Kashmiri student supposed to have been kidnapped and possibly killed has not been traced kland the students who committed this crime are all belonging to RSS. That it is in Rajasthan that Gau Rakshaks and others have been making situations difficult for students to be able to continue studies, that it is newly elected BJP Govt. led by Aditya nath who is CM of the state posters have appeared ‘Kashmiris UP chhoro’, why did she not asked Modi that to ensure that his party ruled states do make sure that the law and order situations do not deteriote to such an extent that Kashmiris are threatened to leave. She did not have the guts to speak for Kasahmiris but toes the line of RSS and BJP. While Modi puts condition to her that stone pelting must stope before the dialogue starts out of the meeting back in Kashmir she says something else. Mehbooba has sold out the Kashmir to RSS and now when she finds herself and her party lost with the people she is talking of the leaving govt. In any case it would be sooner that Modi Govt. makes it impossible for Mehbooba to continue as CM and is compelled to resign so that Modi has his rule in the name of Governor so that the BJP need not share the blame to dismiss the elected Govt.


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