‘Public Sena’ formed to ‘take on’ stone pelters in Kashmir

‘Public Sena’ formed to ‘take on’ stone pelters in Kashmir
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Srinagar: Head priest of the Siddhnath temple, Kanpur has formed a “public army” to “fight stone-pelters” in the Kashmir Kashmir Valley, Hindustan Times reported on Tuesday.
As per the report, Balyogi Arun Puri Chaitanya Maharaj, who has formed the “Jan Sena”, has said that 13,000 people had registered themselves and were ready to give “a befitting reply to the stone throwers” in Kashmir.
“I appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to permit the Sena to go to Kashmir and teach the separatist forces there a lesson,” quoting Arun Puri, the report said.
Arun Puri is head priest of the Siddhnath temple, in Kanpur’s Jajmau locality. He is meeting the saints in and around Kanpur with his plan for the valley Kashmir. He held a meeting of saints in Jajmau in which he divulged that 100 youths of each civic ward have enrolled for Jan Sena in Kanpur.
There are 114 civic wards under the Kanpur Municipal Corporation. “They are being imparted training to tackle the wayward youths in Kashmir,” he said.
Arun Puri and other saints would meet the district magistrate on Wednesday with a formal letter to the PM and the President of India for allowing the “JanSena” march to Kashmir.
Asked how will he arrange accommodation and food for 13,000 people, he said he had enough disciples to take care of these two issues. “We aren’t asking the government anything in return but will appreciate if the volunteers are allowed to spend the nights in army camps,” Puri said.
He said he was in touch with other ‘sanyasis’ to raise the army at national level. (Courtesy Hindustan Times)

2 Responses to "‘Public Sena’ formed to ‘take on’ stone pelters in Kashmir"

  1. Gotham   April 30, 2017 at 5:35 am

    If the 8 lakh forces tackle the “brave” stone pelters, you will cry human rights. Ironically, these forces do not have any human rights when stones are pelted on them. Why?

  2. samar shabir   April 25, 2017 at 6:01 pm

    Ur 8 lakh forces cud not tackle the brave stone ? pelters of Kashmir ,hw cud those 13000 stupid nd headless so called Jan sena volunteers tackle them…..u idiot…