Police foil Geelani’s book launch

Srinagar: Police on Sunday foiled the book launch of Syed Ali Geelani’s “Iqbal: Rooh-i-Deen Ka Shinasa” on poet-philosopher Allama Iqbal at Geelani’s Hyderopra residence. According to reports, police laid a siege around the house of Geelani at the time of the scheduled launch of the third part of Geelani’s book on Iqbal.
Terming the restrictions as state terrorism, Hurriyat (G) spokesperson Ayaz Akbar said that the event was an academic one and not a political gathering. He said that tents had been erected for the gathering on Saturday and the police did not do or say anything about it till Sunday morning, when they came and sealed the Hurriyat (G) office.
“We put up tents for the event and there was no intervention from the police. We were sure they would allow the gathering as it was non-political but at the last minute, they put up barricades on roads and did not allow anyone to come to the function,” said Akbar.
Akbar said the situation in Kashmir is getting worse due to the actions of the PDP-BJP government. He said that the 2016 uprising had taken place because of the policies of the administration and any future uprising will also be because of that.
“The situation is worsening day by day in Kashmir. The present BJP-PDP government’s policies are against the common Kashmiri. Even the 2016 uprising was because of such policies and if in future the situation becomes worse, it will be because of the present government,” said Akbar.
People present at the Jamia Masjid in Hyderpora protested against the police restrictions. Akbar said that intellectuals, journalists, poets and senior citizens had been invited to the function, which was to be held within the four walls of Geelani’s house. Police put up barricades on the Airport Road and closed the route leading to Geelani’s house, he said.
“Nobody, even the media, was allowed to reach the book release function. We had invited some prominent journalists and intellectuals to speak on Allama Iqbal, but they were not allowed,” said Akbar.