Sonwar residents in panic as Jhelum rises

Sonwar residents in panic as Jhelum rises
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Nazima Sidiq
Srinagar: Neighbourhoods in Sonwar area of Srinagar are in danger of being submerged. The enclosing bund of river Jhelum that flows through the area was damaged during floods of 2014 and is yet to be repaired.
In 2014, devastating floods in Jehlum breached the embankment at 22 places, 12 of them in Shivpora. Higher than average temperatures have resulted in high water level in Jhelum. Sudden increase in the water level because of torrential rains can cause floods.
Irrigation and Flood Control has, however, asked people of the area not to panic as the department is in control of the situation.
“The level of water is 16.45 and if it will increase, it will wash away the damaged bund and the whole area will get submerged. Areas like Indira Nagar, Iqbal colony, Palporah, Bunamsar, Batwara and Shivpora can be inundated,” said Sheikh Tariq Ahmed, resident of Iqbal Colony.
Locals said that after 2014 floods, chief engineer irrigation and flood control came to visit the area and promised quick repair of the damaged bund.
Saqib, a resident of Sonwar said, “After weather got improved, they did not restore anything. They only remember when there is flood like situation”. Mudasir Wani, a Purnibal resident said, “We brought to the notice of PHE officials on various occasions the leakage in the pipes, which weakens the embankment. It can breach any time if necessary action is not taken”.
Chief Engineer of Irrigation and Flood Control Department, Mohammad Haneif said, “I personally visited the spot and have asked for strengthening this portion of bund, using relevant technology. There is no need to panic”.