Doctors protest harassment of Kashmiri students

SRINAGAR: Doctors and medical students on Saturday expressed solidarity with Kashmiri students harassed in different parts of India and organised a sit-in at Government Medical College in Srinagar on Saturday.
Over the last week, at least three incidents of harassment of Kashmiri student have been reported from different states. In Haryana, a Kashmir student was attacked and in Rajasthan, girl students from Kashmir were harassed. The latest in the string of incidents was in Uttar Pradesh where threatening banners appeared in Meerut with a message for Kashmiris: “leave the state or face consequences”.
A doctor, who was a part of the protest at the medical college today, said that the aim was to tell the Indian students that education is a basic human right irrespective of citizenship.
“Hostilities between nations are perennial problems but never ever was a student harassed the way Kashmiris are being (harassed) in India. We want to tell the Indian students to grow as humans. Indian students are also studying in Kashmir, but we will never adopt these ways. They are our brothers, and are as safe as they are in India,” the doctor said.