Madhav’s statement ‘admission’ it’s war

Madhav’s statement ‘admission’ it’s war
  • Illustrates BJP’s national policy: Geelani
  • Admission an eye-opener: Mirwaiz
  • Inspired by Mussolini and Hitler: Malik

Srinagar: The resistance camp in Jammu and Kashmir has reacted sharply to the statements of top BJP leader, Ram Madhav, which justify the use of human shield by government forces. Pro-freedom leaders see the statements are an admission that state was at war with people.
“They have declared war and his statement stands testimony,” said Syed Ali Geelani. Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said it was an “open admission by the Government of India that it considers itself at war with the people of Kashmir”. Mohammad Yasin Malik said that RSS and BJP were ‘inspired’ by Mussolini and Hitler and Ram Madhav’s statements proved their “fascist credentials”.
Madhav had earlier stated that ‘’everything is fair in love & war’’, while responding to a question about the use of a civilian as human shield. Army had tied Farooq Dar, an artisan, to the front of a jeep and paraded him for several hours in villages in Budgam district, with a loudspeaker message blaring from another vehicle, daring anyone to throw rocks.
A statement issued here on Friday by APHC (G) said that Madhav’s statement “illustrates their (BJP’s) national policy” about Jammu & Kashmir. “It is alarming,” Geelani said in the statement, while expressing deep concern about the repercussions. He said that C P Ganga’s statement may be his personal opinion, but Madhav’s statement is “serious, as he figures among top ranking leaders in BJP”.
Geelani claimed that Madhav’s statement was a “clean chit to forces to carry (out) massacre in the state”. He termed the statement of C P Ganga, who is J&K’s minister of commerce and industry “ridiculous”, claiming that the minister was a “Hindu terrorist, placed in power” with New Delhi support. “We have no system to check these elements, otherwise he should have been in jail”.
APHC (M) reacted to Madhav’s statement in a similar tone. Its chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, said that Ram Madhav’s statement, “condoning and complimenting the army for using a civilian as a human shield”, reflects the BJP/RSS mindset. “Madhav’s justification of this inhuman act as ‘everything being fair in love and war’ is an open admission by the Govt of India that it considers itself at war with the people of Kashmir,” Mirwaiz said.
Mirwaiz said that Madhav’s “admission should be an eye-opener” for the world about GOI’s attitude towards the people of Kashmir. “It is shocking that a country which prides itself of being the world’s largest democracy and flaunts its democratic credentials world over, brazenly endorses using violence and armed repression through its massive military might against an unarmed civilian population for demanding a basic democratic right of deciding its fate”, he said.
Malik’s statement took a stinging bite at the BJP/RSS combine. The JKLF chief said that anything “devilish is possible from the people whose forefathers have taken inspiration from Masoulini and Hitler”. He said that Ram Madhav and Parkash Ganga should remember that “fascism has to taste what Hitler and Masoulini tasted”.
He said that the statement of two BJP leaders justified “killing and terrorizing Kashmiris”. “Both these statements are a manifestation of their frustration and also a testimony to the fact that India has occupied Jammu Kashmir by its military might,” Malik said, adding that New Delhi was “treating Kashmir as its colony and is at war with the people of Kashmir”.