Organize melas, institute patient care: Gov tells IRCS

Organize melas, institute patient care: Gov tells IRCS

JAMMU: Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) J&K has decided to organize melas across all districts of the state and install donation boxes at air­ports, railway stations and hotels for collecting funds.

This was decided in the 174th meeting of the State Managing Com­mittee (SMC) of IRCS J&K at the Raj Bhavan, chaired by Governor J&K N N Vohra. Bali Bhagat, Minister for Health and Medical Education, was also present in the meeting.

Vohra also stressed the creation of a fund for the treatment of poor peo­ple who suffer terminal illnesses and called for the creation of blood banks at district level, a statement issued by Department of Information, J&K, said.

Governor reviewed the activities carried out by the Society during the last one year and stressed the impor­tance of imparting first-aid training to commercial drivers and police re­cruits, a statement issued on Wednes­day said. He directed Chief Secretary to make the training compulsory for the issuance of driving licences to commer­cial drivers. ADGP, Police Headquar­ters, was directed to institutionalize such training programmes for Police recruits in the Police Training Schools, as this would help in saving precious lives in case of emergencies.

Governor stressed the need to institutionalise a fund for the treat­ment of poor people who suffer from terminal illnesses and emphasised need for arrangement of patient care facilities at Jammu and Srinagar.

Chief Secretary informed that MLAs can now spend up to Rs 10 lacs out of their Constituency De­velopment Fund for the treatment of the poor patients who suffer from terminal illnesses.

General Secretary, IRCS, was asked to prepare a Project Report for setting up Blood Banks at District level, which will be pursued with the National Headquarters, IRCS, New Delhi.

Stressing the need to make Red Cross activities more meaningful, Governor emphasized that IRCS should build a large pool of volunteers for ensuring participation of people from the grass root level. Principal Secretary, Education Department, was directed to involve CBSE Schools for enrolment of students as JRC/YRC to increase the resource base for IRCS funds. All the Deputy Commissioners were directed to create a conducive environment for mobilizing resources for the humanitarian activities of the society, including organization of Red Cross Melas at the District level.

Governor directed the Commis­sioner Public Works (R&B) Depart­ment to urgently review construction of Red Cross Bhavan at Srinagar and ensure that the building work com­mences without any delay. He was also directed to get the existing building of Indian Red Cross Society, Kashmir, made functional on urgent basis.

The Policy framed for the confer­ment of awards to Volunteers was confirmed by the SMC. According­ly, General Secretary IRCS, was di­rected to identify Red Cross Volun­teers who deserve awards for their humanitarian services, for their cases being viewed by the Commit­tee set up to recommend Awards.

Governor directed Hony General Secy IRCS, to bring out an annual cal­endar for the training of State and Dis­trict Disaster Response Teams. He also stressed that the District Committees should be well-equipped for dealing with any type of disaster. Divisional Commis­sioners were also directed to make avail­able proper space for storage of relief materials received from IRCS, National Headquarters, New Delhi, and other organisations. Stores should be located at such places so that during disasters these could be used properly managed efficiently for making their best use dur­ing disasters. Divisional Commission­ers shall review the availability of relief materials in the districts for dealing with any exigencies in future.

While reviewing the present status of the Jan Aushadi Scheme, the Com­mittee stressed the need to create wide spread awareness about the avail­ability of generic drugs at fixed prices from the Jan Aushadi Generic Drug Stores which are being run by the Red Cross in the State. The medicines made available in these stores are at the rates prescribed by the Bureau of Pharma Public Sector Undertakings of India which in most cases are sig­nificantly lower than the market rates of branded medicines. SMC directed the Deputy Commissioners of all the districts to open Jan Aushadi Shops at District and Sub-District Hospitals.

Honorary General Secretary IRCS, informed SMC about the pro­grammes and initiatives for the Fi­nancial Year 2016-17, including the Safer Access Framework (SAF) to in­crease access of volunteers to people in need of humanitarian assistance; Youth Project which is intended to increase the knowledge of first aid among the students, particularly fe­males, by training them in the basics of first aid and also to increase aware­ness and address the water, sanita­tion and personal hygiene issues in two selected villages from two dis­tricts of the State. J&K State Branch has also started training workers in different departments with special fo­cus on “First Aid at Workplace”.