Kashmir: Simmering under the surface

By Javeed Bin Nabi

Alas! Violence is again stalking again  in various villages and towns of Kashmir valley. The picturesque scenery, beauty and being a famed tourist paradise in the sub continent is continuously looking Pell – mell and in deep agony. The valley is simmering and deeply festering ; one can smell a rat that a highest gravity of volcano is waiting to erupt. No one knows what will happen next , when and where ?
It is true that there is profound feelings of alienation and angst against the state and it’s agencies on ground who are continuously trying to crumble and jeopardize the fr sentiments which are deeply and widely present in the hearts and minds of people of Kashmir. However, it is well understood to all unknown and known ones that the Kashmir valley is continuously simmering with the carnage of innocent lives.
Every day, in and out, the paramilitary forces are crushing and trampling human lives of Kashmir with volley of pellets, bullets , stun grenades , teargas shells , Pava shells and other means of repressive force. I had never pelted a single stone on Indian paramilitary felons but I always prefer my pen over stone to send message around the cosmos about the continuous violence
Pertinent to mention here is that the deeply talented and lionhearted youth of the valley also have long cherishing dreams and hopes but unfortunately the poor political system and bad governance in Kashmir Valley and the daily assaulting and humiliation of gun wielding soldiers force them to pick stones in their hands hurl them on security forces because something has been awry from decades. Their basic and fundamental rights are being muddled and ruffled with each passing day. The self-esteemed life, liberty and freeness is absent in them. Let me tell , when there will be a brazing and muddling of human rights approach and when life is under threat and inhuman treatment will held in a democratic state then technically that state wouldn’t be called a democratic state.
As Kashmir based noted writer and a journalist Majid Maqbool writes on his Facebook page that ‘ With every passing day, with each targeted killing of Kashmiri Kids, the Indian state digs deep it’s own grave, here in Kashmir, the land they want to possess in its dispossession. Now there is nothing left to won over when you’re fighting a lost battle. People are already free, in their hearts and minds, refusing  to accept a forced union despite decades of brutalities unleashed on them. And the killings of our young, lowered into the graves much before their time, will haunt the republic and shame it’s  conscience – and that of its proud citizens who keep quiet – forever and ever.
The continuous civilian killings at the hands of security forces across Kashmir and the deep slumber of state administration over civilian killings,  simply indicates that there is huge possibility of another mass uprising which will be more volatile , bloody and furious in nature. The people in Kashmir now fed up with the unfilled promises and hollow slogans of the state administration and their time and again political gimmicks. It is pertinent to note here that there is no fear and threat in the minds of  the people, and when people lose fear and threat of a bullet then there is a possibility a full blown rebellion.
To sum up , the political corridors of New Delhi and the political vultures of Srinagar again and again fails to recognize the deep rooted political alienation and knavery among youth of Kashmir. Indeed, this is one of the volatile and perilous era of our times that have largely grown across Kashmir due to continuous denial of state administration not to award punishment to those who are killing unarmed civilians of Kashmir. Moreover, there is no any other alternative than a sincere and constructive political dialogue because it is the last option that will address and acknowledge the prolonged Kashmir dispute.

—The author is a student at the Islamic University of Science and Technology(IUST). He can be reached at: javeednabi99@gmail.com