Use of force on students in Pulwama widely condemned

Use of force on students in  Pulwama widely condemned

SRINAGAR: The use of force against students of Government Degree College, Pulwama in which at least 50 persons were injured has evoked strong condemnation from resistance camp and student organisations.

Inhuman, shocking: Hurriyat (M)
Hurriyat Conference (M) while condemning the use of force against students termed it “barbaric”.
“The display of such acts is inhuman and shocking,” a spokesperson of the conglomerate said in a statement.

Won’t tolerate attacks on our children: Shah
The Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah while condemning the use of “excessive” force against the students said “forces have been given a free hand to unleash a reign of terror wherever they wish.”
He said students are our future and we won’t tolerate such attacks on our children.

It’s a ‘political vendetta’: Aasiya
Chairperson of Dukhtaran-e-Millat (DeM) Syeda Aasiya Andrabi while condemning assault on students said after failing to force Kashmiris into participating in the “sham” elections, forces have now started to “brutalise” Kashmiri youth within the educational institutions.
In a statement, Andrabi said government forces have started arrest spree across Kashmir and “wherever and whenever they get a chance, they bundle dozens of our children”.
“On one hand, Kashmiri children are asked to study but on the other side, the same students are being brutalised within their college campuses. This is nothing but a political vendetta as India has come to terms that Kashmiris have rejected it,” she said.
“This is a height of oppression and brutality. What kind of bravery is it to terrifying the innocent kids. This is cowardice,” Aasiya said.

‘Authoritarian despotism’, says Muslim League
Muslim League Jammu Kashmir said the incident in Pulwama “has crossed the authoritarian despotism”.
“India is using force out of its frustration because youth have rejected it by boycotting the by-elections,” a spokesperson of League Sajad Ayoubi said in a statement.
He said no state has ever succeeded by adopting “doctrine of absolutism”. “By these tactics, youth have become more conscious of their fundamental right to self-determination,” he said.
“The United Nations Human Rights Organisation, Amnesty International, Asia Watch and other world rights organisations should take notice of the happenings in Kashmir and of the reign of terror let loose by the ruthless forces here besides pressurise India to stop human rights violations in the region,” it said.

Assault an ‘act of terrorism’: IJT
Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba Jammu and Kashmir (IJT) has termed the use of force on students as an “act of terrorism.”
In a statement issued here, IJT while demanding stringent action against the forces personnel involved has expressed solidarity with the injured students.
As per media reports, at least fifty-four students, including girls, were injured after government forces resorted to teargas and pellet shelling on students outside the Degree College, Pulwama.
“IJT has expressed serious concern over the pattern under which students and educational institutions are being targeted in Kashmir. It seems part of a well-planned conspiracy to vitiate the atmosphere of educational institutions in the state to prevent our young generations from seeking education and thereby empowerment,” the statement said.
It said some “vested interests seem to be hell-bent on ruining the career of Kashmiri students and pushing them towards violence”. “This is very unfortunate. IJT appeals to the conscious sections of the Kashmiri society to seriously look into this matter so that the future of our students as well of our nations is saved from being ruined.”

Attack aimed at breaking the will of youth: KUSU
Kashmir University Students Union (KUSU) in a statement termed the incident as “another eye-opener about the nature of the state apparatus”.
“The savagery inflicted on students isn’t only a display of the basic lack of regard for the sanctity of educational institutions but is meant, as part of the oppression unleashed on yet another generation of Kashmiris, to humiliate and break the will of the youth of the Valley who are at the forefront of the struggle for the right to self-determination,” KUSU said in a statement.
“Is there anything more absurd than a state which claims, when there is an uprising, that the education of our children is suffering and then the same state keeping up its gory traditions of killing, arresting, maiming and beating up those children; giving free reign to marauding Indian forces to occupy those educational institutions and attack them?”
“This attack was also another instance in the state’s sole policy in Kashmir – to rule by repression and fear. The resistance by the students in the Degree College Pulwama, despite the brutal methods used against them is also a symbol of the Kashmiri spirit to stay determined in the face of overwhelming force and repression,” the students union said.
Kashmir University Students Union (KUSU) said it stands in solidarity with the students in Pulwama, and across the state, and reiterates its demand for the right to self-determination in J&K, according to UN resolutions.
“KUSU also calls for a protest on Monday against the brutality perpetrated by Indian forces on students. The peaceful protest should be held in all the educational institutions, including colleges, other university campuses, including in the Pir Panjal region,” it said.

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    every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you use violence you will be met with violence. thats it.