Polling is seen as rubbing salt on wounds, says former minister

Srinagar:  Former minister and chairman of Democratic Party Nationalist (DPN) Ghulam Hassan Mir on Tuesday said that incidents of disruption of polling has thrown Kashmir back to the 1989 when the fear of gun ruled the valley and lot of efforts had to be made to put the political process back in place.
“The difference is that time it was the fear of the gun that kept the voters away from polling booths. Now it has graduated to the sentiments where the polling was seen as an act of rubbing salt onto their festering wounds”, Mir said in a statement.
Mir said that this phenomena is extra ordinarily challenging and this has to be handled in a delicate manner so that the people get a sense of empowerment without bringing in violence into the discourse.
“Delhi must think and analyze that how could it bring about an imaginative out of box solution to Kashmir troubles. It has a responsibility to work on it. The indifference would further alienate the masses,” he said.
“What is required is opening of dialogue at multiple levels, removing one after another layer of misunderstanding and the causes of the alienation and growth of the sentiments that drives youth to negate the political process. An objective assessment is necessary to unveil the truth and then work according to the needs of the people. The temptation to politicize things should be resisted”, he added.