Frequent internet ban ‘informal gag’ on media: Kashmir Editors Guild

Frequent internet ban ‘informal gag’ on media: Kashmir Editors Guild
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SRINAGAR: Kashmir Editors Guild said on Tuesday that the ban on internet was aimed at subverting the media and preventing it from recording history of the most crucial period.
In a statement issued after an emergency meeting, the KEG said stopping internet services has become more frequent these days.
The KEG conveyed to the government that internet is not a luxury but a basic requirement of life in general and media in particular.
“It is a tragedy of democracy in Kashmir that in the twenty-first century, the media in Kashmir is being pushed to begging for bandwidth when it is being considered as a fundamental right of individuals in most of the world,” the statement said.
For the past two days, the KEG has spoken to “almost everybody who matters in J&K”.
“Every time, we were assured of the service being restored to media but it did not happen for 46 hours. KEG considers the frequent snapping of the service as an informal gag as most of the time that media spends in news gathering was consumed in knocking at different doors in the government to restore the service,” the statement said.
The statement said that KEG wants a formal system should be put in place to prevent the security set up from “meddling into the affairs of the media every time they fail to manage the street”.
“The media body has raised this issue many times in the hope that the government at the appropriate level would take a call on this and create a system that will prevent recurrence of banning the service.
Ideally, rationing broadband to the media on the whims and wishes of individuals, mostly government employees, is disrespect to the constitution that sees media holding a pillar-status in a democratic set-up,” the statement said.