A scuffle between police and SOG at Beerwah

Ishfaq Reshi
Beerwah: As the clashes were going on between the government forces and the protesters in Beerwah town, a quarrel broke out between the members of police and its counter-insurgency unit, Special Operations Group (SOG).
The quarrel broke out when the SOG men, wearing black uniform, stopped the ambulance carrying the body of Nisar Ahmad on way to Sub District hospital Beerwah, and beat the attendants. Ahmad was killed in nearby Ratsuna area of Beerwah by the government forces.
The SOG further wanted to open fire on the protesters who were hurling rocks and raising slogans.
When the Assistant Sub-Inspector of police, Farooq Ahmad censured the SOG men for stopping the ambulance and opening fire on the protesters, a SOG man threatened him of dire consequences.
“If you think you are an ASI, and I won’t kill you, you are wrong. I have been in jail for three years. I will kill you here and will see what police can do to me,” the SOG man threatened the ASI.
The ASI engaged replied, “If you think you will open fire and beat people, I will not allow you to do that”.
Later the two grabbed each other’s collar, but the colleagues intervened and pacified them.
A paramilitary CRPF man looking at them laughed and said; “Yeh log apas mein be ladtay hai (Do these people fight among themselves)”