India is damaging our interests: China

India is damaging our interests: China

Warns New Delhi of ‘geopolitical game’ over Kashmir

BEIJING: China has accused India of fuel­ling tensions and damaging its interests by allowing the Dalai Lama to visit Arunachal Pradesh.

“I can confirm (that) China has lodged protests in Beijing and Delhi,” Chinese for­eign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying told a media briefing here on Thursday.

The protest was lodged in Beijing with Indian ambassador to China Vijay Gokhale.

In Delhi, it was done with the competent officials of the Ministry of External Affairs, Hua said.

Asked whether Beijing views In­dia’s permission to the 81-year-old leader to visit Arunachal Pradesh as amounting to questioning the ‘One China’ policy, Hua said, “I want to re-emphasise that on issues con­cerning China’s major concern and core interests, territorial and sover­eignty, our position is consistent.”

“By inviting and approving the Dalai Lama to (visit) disputed areas, India has damaged our interests and the India-China relationship, and fuelled tensions,” she said.

“We oppose the visit to relevant areas and attempts by relevant countries to arrange a platform for the Dalai Lama to conduct anti-Chi­na activities. We urge the relevant country to stop such erroneous ac­tions and stop undermining Chinese interests,” she said.

The Dalai Lama is currently on a nine-day visit to Arunachal Pradesh.

Chinese media refers to Kashmir

Amid the raging row over the Dalai Lama’s Arunachal Pradesh visit, Chinese media warned India that China, with its superior military, could engage in a “geopo­litical game” as India’s “turbulent northern state” borders the country, a veiled refer­ence to Kashmir, PTI reports from Beijing.