Pandits falling for fascist forces: Kaul

Pandits falling for fascist forces: Kaul

SRINAGAR: Former Peoples Democratic Party national spokesman Dr Sameer Kaul, who recently joined National Conference, said on Sunday that the Kashmir Pandits were falling for the fascist forces by aligning with Bhartiya Janta Party purely on religious lines.
“Kashmiri Pandits do not understand what they have lost over the period. By choosing religion and allying with the BJP over the broader regional identity, they have fallen for the fascist ideology,” Kaul said at a press conference.
“Kashmiri pandits have always given preference to regional identity. The names like that of secularists like Prem Nath Bazaz and others are testimony to that”.
Kaul said that the Hinduism practiced by the Kahsmir Pandits was completely distinct from that practised in mainland India.
“Shaivism philosophy of Kashmir Pandit community is innate. Shankrachayas, who visited Kashmir, could not convince Kashmiri Pandits since our Shaivism was unique and distinct. They could not change it since it was compatible with the local social fabric,” Kaul, a well known oncologist said in response to question as to why the Kashmiri Pandits were becoming more “vitriolic and radical” against Kashmiri Muslims.
“The exodus of Pandits from Kashmir led them to shun the regional identity. Our community should have stood by regional aspirations, language, culture and history since they are more important than the religion,” he added.
He also said the often used word of extremism with the Muslims was not correct.
“I do not believe there is radicalism in Kashmir among Muslims as some political parties claim. The anger cannot be misinterpreted as extremism,” Kaul said.
Recently, the BJP led government and the top officials of the government forces have blamed growing “extremism” for the increase in stone pelting and pro-freedom protests in Kashmir.
Strongly supporting his decision to join the NC, Kaul said from 10th class he was inspired the National Conference politics.
“People learn in life. There is mental evolution in man’s life and he learns from his experiences.  So I cannot remain in arrested mentality since I did not identify with the PDP-BJP alliance. The NC has always taken the nationalism forward. I was inspired by the NC’s Naya Kashmir and the land-to-tiller reforms,” Kaul said.
“By joining the NC I am doing gharwapsi (home coming). I want to contribute towards Kashmir in a positive sense to alleviate the pain and suffering of the people,” he added.
Kaul said following a “deep-rooted conspiracy”, the PDP has been instrumental in polarising the state.
“PDP was the party to mainstream Kashmiris but after assembly elections and its alliance with the BJP I changed my belief. The PDP sold the regional alignment to BJP,” he said
He said that Hurriyat had its own political space, but the PDP’s Agenda for Alliance was nothing but “the hijacking of the agenda of separatists”.
“The real meaning of Kashmiryat was actually to preserve the national identity, to strive for peace and development with dignity. The NC always worked in that direction. The class 10th dream has come true after I joined the NC for the greater good of Kashmiris,” he said.

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