Growing Drug Addiction in Kashmir is Alarming

Growing Drug Addiction in Kashmir is Alarming

By Shah Tajamul
These days, youth in Kashmir valley is facing a rising number of problems. One of these is drugs. A large number of people, whether male or female,  are taking drugs and have become addicted to these drugs. What does drug addiction means? Why young people fall into this trap? Should we blame only the users or the people who let these drugs into the state? These are the questions we should ponder upon.
Currently, if we see our Kashmir which once was thought to be Jannat on the surface of the earth has become worse than hell. The political conflict prevalent in Kashmir valley since decades has left people broken and disheartened. The Kashmir valley is facing challenges like unemployment (despite high literacy rate), bribery or corruption, poverty, begging, jobbery, underdevelopment etc. and the result of all these problems throw in a new problem that is drug addiction which is more harsh.
Most of the young people  in Kashmir valley use drugs because of  curiosity and the belief that it will reduce their problems like stress, trauma, anxiety or depression (failed love relationships, failing exams, stress of growing up and the rest). Some people become addicted to these harmful drugs because of the bad company they keep, too much pocket money they possess, lack of parental direction or guidance, easy availability of drugs and so on.
If we analyze the medical definition of drug addiction in its broader sense, it simply means, “a state of heavy dependence on a drug; sometimes defined as physical dependence but usually also including emotional dependence, i.e. compulsive or difficult to control, despite harmful consequences”.
Unfortunately drugs like narcotics, brown sugar, Naas, alcohol, cannabis (charas), opiates (like codeine, heroin, morphine), benzodiazepines (sleeping pills, like alprax, valium), Inhalants (like Fevicol SR, glue, paint thinner, petrol, shoe polish etc.) and so on are frequently used by most of the young youths of Kashmir valley at an alarming rate.
According to a survey conducted by United Nations Drug Control Programme (UNDCP), there are seventy thousand drug addicts in Kashmir division alone including four thousand women. In this Jannat (paradise), the survey also revealed that 65% to 70% students,  both male and female, are drug addicts. As per the government psychiatric disease hospital statistics , 90% abusers belong to the age group of 17 to 35 years with a lifetime prevalence of drug addiction. So the situation is worrying and alarming
But alas, some unconscionable people, despite knowing the gruesome effects still cultivate huge mass of cannabis and poppy (drugs) for money. The cultivation and trafficking of these drugs is a source of income for them. No doubt,  people who cultivate and traffic drugs are roaming in luxury cars, living in big mansions and can deceive  beautiful girls for marriage but keep in mind they will never live the life of happiness and stability as they are killing and ruining the lives of others. Allah (SWT) deprives these people of any blessings (barakat) in their lives and will never leave such people unpunished who spoiled the lives of others.
I now ask these people, who are responsible for the cultivation and trafficking of these drugs, what would they  say about a person whose intentions were to destroy the Kaabah?  Obviously they would say he is the worst and scum of the earth. The Prophet (SAW) said, “the blood of one believer is more precious than the Kabbah”. And now where would the Muslim of Kashmir stand,  whose intentions are to kill his own Muslim people by supplying or providing drug?. Is not he the worst person on the surface of earth?
We complain globally that the India is taking our lives but some of our own brothers are doing the same openly without feeling any guilt. If you kill one person, the Qur’an says, you have killed the entire humanity. Because one person is part of a community called humanity. I wonder what these people will do in front of Allah (SWT) on the Day of Judgment. Evidently , Allah (SWT) will disgrace them in front of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and then will throw them into hell.
Before we wake up from our slumber, let us see what Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said about drugs or
1. Drugs or intoxicants are keys to all evils.
2. They are heads of all errors and lapses.
3. They are most terrible of major sins.
4. They are mother of all atrocities.
5. And they are mother of all evils
Besides all this, these drugs cause headaches, dry out semen, create confusion, psychosis, bring about  leprosy, sickness, feverish shivers, bad breath, loss of teeth and eyebrows, warming of blood, damage intestines, burn the stomach, puncture liver, destroy body organs, weaken heart and eyesight, dry up all body fluids which could cause unexpected death, fail the mind, induce hectic fever, tuberculosis and edema (dropsy). Drugs also cause absentmindedness or forgetfulness, quells self respect, cause to reveal secrets, destroy intelligence, prevents prayer and instigate towards forbidden things and so on.
I conclude with the words that drug addiction is a grave sin and serious evil impacting our society. The need of hour is that police should start to act and bring the drug peddlers to book. The easy availability of these drugs in market needs to be checked and awareness programs need to be organized so that people know the ill consequences of these intoxicants or drugs.

—The author is a Post-graduate in Islamic Studies with JRF. He can be reached at: [email protected]

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