JK Police have sold out its conscience: Shah

Srinagar: Terming the killing of three civilians in Chadoora as “extremely sad and inhuman”, the incarcerated chairman of Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Shabir Ahmad Shah on Wednesday urged the people across the world to raise voice against the unabated killings in Kashmir.
He also slammed the state police for intercepting the ambulance carrying the slain youth’s body and harassing the bereaved family, saying this is the “height of tyranny and barbarity”.
“This force has sold out its conscience for few petty coins. Whatever is happening around is unacceptable for us and it would be impossible to stop the mass reaction to such oppressive measures,” he said in a statement.
Shah expressed wonder “how still some shameless people beg for votes”. “Those believing in electoral politics are nothing but puppets. No one should fall into the trap of the deceptive slogans of such collaborators. Boycott the so-called elections, I assure you, the freedom will be near, In Sha Allah,” he said.
“If we participated in elections, the world will mock us,” Shah added.