Painting competition held at Shehjar

SRINAGAR: Infocus news in collaboration with Help foundation on Saturday organised a painting competition for the orphans and under privileged students at Shehjaar School for Special children at Inderhama.
Thirty students participated in the event which was titled as Hunar. The organisers specifically aimed at the children who are traumatised with the turmoil or the social stress.
“Women and children are mostly affected with the turmoil in Kashmir, Children are mostly impacted with the social stress and the ongoing situation here. We aim to provide the space and platform to the children to come out of the stress and work on their talents beyond the education part,” Said Arshid Dar, of Infocus news.
The focus of the event was to provide the space for the extracurricular activities for the underprivileged children where they can enhance their talent.
“The children in Kashmir are talented and we provide them with the space to excel in their talents with many events like workshops, painting competition, theatre, debates etc. I have been motivated and supported by Mr Tufail from Cell Air Network, he has been a great support for conducting these kind of activities,” said Arshid. While speaking to Kashmir Reader Hakeem Javeed, Project Coordinator Help Foundation said, the continuous hartals and curfews in Kashmir have traumatised the children mostly. In 2016 uprising most of the killed were children and injured moreover there was a huge impact on the education sector.
“We don’t blame anyone but the present scenario in Kashmir has witnessed the killings and injuries of children and it leaves a huge impact in their minds. The education sector was impacted at most. We try to provide the facilities of the private schools to the children here through which they can nourish in the field in future,” said Javeed.
While speaking at the event Dysp Traffic, Srinagar Sandeep Kaur motivated children to take part in the extracurricular activities along with the studies.
“Don’t think you value less than anyone, you have the talent, you have the capability and you should take part in the activities where you can learn along with the education,” said Kaur. Many social activists were also present in the event and certificates were given to the participants.