JK Agri Universities release 24 high yield seed varieties

JK Agri Universities release 24 high yield seed varieties
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SRINAGAR: Agricultural Universities in Jammu and Kashmir have released 24 high yielding seed varieties of different crops that aim to boost productivity.
The nod for release of these developed by SKUAST-K and SKUAST-J was given recently at the 23rd State Seed Sub Committee (SSSC) held at SKUAST-Kashmir under the Chairmanship of P.K.Jain, Financial Commissioner, Agriculture Production Department.
These varieties have the ability to improve the food production at state level as these have high yielding potential and are suited to different agro-climatic ecosystems of the state.
The varieties released for cultivation in J&K State shall have to pass through mandatory notification process by GoI Central Seed Sub-Committee before these are put in the seed chain for cultivation by the farming community by two agricultural universities of the State.
Presentation on each variety was given by the respective breeder before the committee.
Jain congratulating the scientists on these developments and , laid emphasis on multi-disciplinary research and efficient co-ordination between Agricultural Universities with respective Directorates of Agriculture, Kashmir/Jammu to end up with framing a platform for simulating a well organised comprehensive breeding strategy for the development of varieties (in all the crops) for the resource poor farming community.
Dr. D. S. Mishra, Secretary CSSC and Deputy Commissioner Seeds, GoI emphased on getting benefits from various centrally sponsored schemes for seed certifications for production and distribution of quality seed to the needy farmers.
Prof. Nazeer Ahmed, Vice Chancellor, SKUAST Kashmir congratulated the plant breeders and other associated scientists for the hard, energetic and dedicated efforts in developing these varieties which have the potential to boost food production in the state and desired to develop varieties with high consumer acceptability which can safeguard food and nutritional security in the region.
Prof. M. Y. Zargar, Director Research, SKUAST Kashmir and Prof. J. P. Sharma, Director Research, SKUAST Jammu desired to devise a holistic breeding approach for developing crop varieties.
Varieties which have been recommended for cultivation for Kashmir region include: Shalimar Rice 4 for Plain areas, Shalimar Rice 5 for high altitudes, Shalimar Sarsoon 2 and 3, Shalimar Quality Protein Maize 1, Shalimar Sweet Corn 1, Shalimar Rajmash 2, Shalimar Chickpea I, Shalimar Masoor 3, Shalimar Methi 1, Shalimar Dhania I and Shalimar Soybean-1. The varieties which have been recommended for cultivation in Jammu region include: Wheat (JAUW 584, JAUW 598), Oilseed (Toria RSPT-6, Raya RSPR 69), Paddy (Basmati 129-SJR 129), Mango (Selection-5), Broccoli (Early Green), Coriander (Khushboo), Fenugreek (Kasuri Supreme), Spinachbeet-07 (C-13), Okra (Jammu Okra-08) and Maize (JMC 3). Participants included all the Principal Breeders, Directors and other officers from Department of Agriculture, Kashmir/Jammu. A. Rashid. Yatoo, Divisional Seed Certification Officer (Co-conveyer SSSC) and Prof. M. Ashraf Bhat, Prof. and HoD/Member Secretary UVEC organised the meeting.