Unhygienic washroom forces students to bunk school

Unhygienic washroom forces students  to bunk school

SRINAGAR: Rukiya Farooq (name changed), a 9th class student of Government Girls High School Malik Sahib SafaKadal has to take off a week from school every month as the school has only one washroom for boys and girls. The lone washroom is mostly dirty and unhygienic, as there is no one to clean the washroom at the school.
As a result Rukiya has missed many lectures which nobody is going to repeat for her. “In every month I take a week off. I want to come to school and attend my lectures but because of unhygienic lone washroom for boys and girls I prefer to stay at home,” said Rukiya.
The school has 90 students on roll and 10 teachers.
The school building looks like a residential house and lacks basic facilities.
“We don’t have a computer lab, library, and playground. We have two washrooms, one is for staff and another for students, and above all this building is not safe” Tahir Sidiq, a teacher at the school said.
Ishrat Bashir, a student of class 9 at the school said that at the time of earthquakes the building seems too vulnerable  “Whenever there is an earthquake, I feel like this is going to be my last day of life, because the building is so unsafe and has cracks,” Ishrat said.
Talking about other facilities the school lacks, Ishrat said, “We don’t have a computer here. Last year authorities came for inspection and they asked computer related question and I was blank because I don’t know anything about computers. In this era of technology, I don’t know anything about computers,” Ishrat said.
For more than seven years, the school hasn’t had a clerk nor do they have a District Education Officer.
“We have only 10 teachers here out of which only one is for mathematics. It is impossible for a teacher to teach something that he or she has not learnt himself, there is a vacant post why authority cannot fill them we fail to understand,” said Shaziya Mir, another teacher at the school. In the absence of a clerk, Shaziya said the teachers have to manage official work themselves making the students suffer.
“Many times we appealed the higher authority but they don’t pay any heed towards this issue,” Shaziya said.
The school also lacks enough space, and a room has been divided by a plywood partition to create two classrooms.
“We have separated classrooms with plywood and students of two classes, Ist and 3rd study in corridor. Even we don’t have benches, they sit on mats,” said another teacher.
While the school clacks a library, the few books the school has are kept in a box.
“If we want to study a book and we ask our teacher for it, they reply that the book is in the box (hence inaccessible),” Bintul Islam, a student said.