School opening spread influenza, say doctors

‘No need to  panic’
By Insha Latief
SRINAGAR: People carrying their children affected with fever, sore throat and muscle pain are swarming the pediatric G B Pant Hospital Srinagar.
As doctors attends to hundreds of patients with flu symptoms, confusion and chaos prevails.
Hazim, a two months old baby from Dargah, was prescribed a nebulizer for influenza B virus, but at the hospital drug store her mother was given a different drug.
“I told the nurse that the spelling of the medicine on prescription is not matching with the medicine. Then she told me it comes in transparent container. Then I went again to get the right medicine. At dispensary, they told me to get medicine from market but I insisted and then he gave me,” said Shaheen, Hazim’s mother. “There are too many patients here, so they are taking patients for-granted,” Shaheen said adding that while hazing was prescribed 3 drops of medicines after 20 minutes, but other doctors misunderstood the prescription and gave him 20 drops.
In casualty, attendants were getting angry and restless. Many were adjusting steam masks on their own to their children, fixing, again and again when the mask disconnected.
“Thousands of patients with Influnza B Virus have been attended from morning. Each doctor is attending patients in hundreds. This is going on from two weeks and with each day rush of people is increasing,” a  doctor on duty said.
On an average 2500-3000 patients are seen per day by doctors. According to doctors, the influenza takes 5-7 days to go. “There is no need to panic. Children should stay at home and rest. Influence has spread more because of the opening of school where children come in contact with each other,” said a doctor.
Medical Superintendent, Dr K K Pandita said Influenza B virus is a seasonal viral infection which begins with the improvement in weather after winter.
“Last year, schools were closed this time. Children were not exposed to anything so last time it didn’t spread much.”
Explaining the chaos in the hospital he said, “When there is a huge rush in hospitals, confusions can take place. And sometimes patients and attendants don’t corporate with doctors.  We are trying to be cautious.”
Doctors suggest heavy intake of fluids, fresh fruits besides avoiding congested places as a precaution.
Dr Raja Aijaz, Pediatrician at Maternity and Child Care Hospital Anantnag said the infection doesn’t lead to death.
“Affected child suffers from fever, sore throat, running nose and in some cases, diahaerra can also be the symptom. The virus can’t cause death,” he said adding the cycle of infection takes more than a week.