Speeches of Hasnain, Sahai misinterpretation of Islam: Dukhtaran

SRINAGAR: Chairperson of Dukhtaran-e-Millat (DeM) Syeda Aasiya Andrabi on Sunday said the statements made by retired army general, Syed Ata Hasnain and IGP SM Sahai at a conference were “nothing but hypothetical analysis based on misinformation, ignorance and misinterpretations suiting the Indian narrative on Kashmir issue”.
In a statement issued here, Andrabi said, “Rather than spreading falsehood, these two men should embrace Islam and understand its teachings in correct perspective.”
Andrabi was reacting to speeches made by Hasnain and Sahai at a recently held conference organised by the Institute for Defense Studies and Analysis.
“Though the seminar was attended by a large number of people, the speeches made by these two men need to be dissected in their correct perspective as they spread misinformation which suits the propaganda the Indian agencies have created to oppose the Kashmir movement,” she said.
Aasiya added, “Hasnian had said Kashmiris predominantly practiced Sufi Islam but for the last 30 years, Sunni Wahabiyat was influencing them. He also said Kashmir issue is hybrid in nature and Kashmiris lack conviction to pursue it. He also talked about pan-Islamism that came from Pakistan and was influencing Kashmiri society and Islam was being practiced as per regional interests. The way he is relating and co-relating ill-information and falsehood exposes that he is a Muslim only by name. Islam, in practice and in ideological frame work, is unique and is being practiced by all according to a single perspective taught by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).”
“It (Islam) has a unique culture, economic and political system and other aspects. Every commandment is same for everyone to follow. There is no way that anyone can change the nature of Islamic teachings. They remained and will remain as has been shown to us by the Prophet SAW. And if anyone tries to misinterpret the teachings for his/her own interests, he/she doesn’t remain in its fold.”
The DeM chief said an attempt to categorise the teachings of Islam into terms like Sufi Islam, Wahabi Islam and so on “only reveal that the person who says such things is ignorant and doesn’t even know the ABCD of Islam”.
Andrabi said Sahai too attempted to connect his speeches to terms like Sufism, pan-Islamism and establishment of a Caliphate in Kashmir. “Caliphate can’t be established on a small piece of land but will be established across the globe and we will be part of that great system,” she said.