Resistance camp launches poll boycott campaign

Srinagar: A day after the Joint Resistance Leadership called for boycott of parliamentary by poll, resistance activists formally launched the campaign on Friday by distributing pamphlets among people in Srinagar.
Soon after Friday prayers, pro-freedom leaders gathered at Madeena Chowk in Lal Chowk, urging people to stay away from voting.
Similarly, Hurriyat Conference general secretary Shabir Shah reached Tral, addressed a big gathering and appealed to the people to to stay away from elections.
At Lal Chowk, pro-freedom activists distributed Urdu pamphlets titled “election boycott” among passersby.
The pamphlet has photos of 2016 uprising victims.
“Voting or not voting is a democratic right of every one but when on one side election process is facilitated and contrary to that pro-boycott people are terrorised and put in jails, this process reduces to a mere military or police operation,” said JKLF in a statement.
It said if the “so-called” rulers truly believe in democratic norms and ethics they should allow election boycott campaign of the resistance camp.
Terming election boycott as a democratic right of people, JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik said, “This is like trampling democracy in the name of democracy.”
“If rulers really believe in democracy, battle of ideas and freedom of speech and choice, they should refrain from terrorising pro-boycott people and allow the resistance to run a boycott campaign in a peaceful way,” he said.
Addressing the gathering at Tral, Shah said, “We saw each and every bit of state-sponsored terrorism unleashed upon people. The very people who perpetrated the oppression are shamelessly begging you for votes.”
“Keeping in view the blood of our martyrs we must boycott parliamentary and panchayati elections,” he said.