National Front condemns Nayeem’s house arrest

SRINAGAR: Jammu Kashmir National Front on Sunday condemned the house detention of its chairman Nayeem Ahmad Khan saying detaining political leadership and arresting political activists has become a norm of the present dispensation “to please the Hindu fanatics of India”.
A party spokesman in a statement issued here said Khan was placed under house arrest early Sunday after a large contingent of police closed the outer gate of his residence. “The so-called administration puts curbs on religious rights of people and places genuine political leadership under house arrest which results in chaos and political vacuum in the disputed region,” he said.
He said people at the helm of affairs are trying to please their masters in New Delhi and “these anti-nation elements always remain ready to crush the peace-loving people who have been demanding their political rights”.
He said Khan had to go to Tailwani, Anantnag to condole the family of jailed Muslim League leader Mohammad Rafiq Ganai, whose mother passed away. “Rafiq Ganai’s mother had wished to see her son but the callousness of the so-called rulers and cruel approach of administration didn’t allow a mother to see her son before death,” he said.
Demanding immediate and unconditional release of Rafiq Ganai and other prisoners whose nears and dears are ill or who themselves are suffering from ailments, the spokesman said filling jails and putting curbs on political leadership only adds to the problem.