Pro-freedom camp pays tributes to slain Tral militants

‘India’s stubbornness responsible for continuing bloodshed in Valley’

SRINAGAR: The pro-freedom camp on Sunday paid tributes to militants Aquib Ahmad and Hamaad who were killed in an encounter with government forces in Tral while reiterating their pledge of taking the “martyrs’ mission” to its logical conclusion.
In a statement issued here, Chairman Huriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani said youths are sacrificing their precious lives for a sacred cause. “It is a cherished and patriotic mission. These youths are putting a huge responsibility on our shoulders and we are duty bound to carry their mission to its logical end,” said. Geelani said people of state are not war mongers but are urging India and world community to fulfil their pledge and resolve the Kashmir issue through peaceful means.
Blaming India for its “stubbornness and egoistic” approach, Geelani said, “Forced occupation is the root cause of all bloodshed in the state and it is heart wrenching that precious lives are being lost because of prevailing uncertainty and forced occupation.”
Referring to increasing incidents of encounters, the Hurriyat (G) chairman said “few black sheep in our folds as informers provide their service to forces for carrying brutal killings and are accountable for their wrongdoings and devilish deeds”. “They must justify their ill will in front of Almighty Allah,” he said.
Geelani hailed people for their “exemplary valour and bravery” saying, “It is praiseworthy that people while risking their lives are coming to the rescue of their brave hearts. They are resisting forces and facilitate safe passage for our youth and it serves an eye opener for those sick-minded who for petty gains are providing inputs to forces,” he said.
In a statement issued here, Hurriyat Conference (M) said the selfless sacrifices of lives in the just struggle for right to self determination are the priceless assets of the ongoing resistance movement that had not only brought international attention to Kashmir but also created an opinion that resolution of Kashmir issue is must for peace and prosperity of South Asia.
“Being the torchbearers of the ongoing resistance movement and representatives of the people of Kashmir, APHC is not only duty-bound to continue take the movement to its logical conclusion but also putting in its all-out efforts at both the political and diplomatic levels for the resolution of the issue in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of the people of Kashmir,” a spokesman of Hurriyat (M) said.
He said “oppression and suppression cannot cow down the freedom-loving people or subjugate them into submission” while making it clear to New Delhi that with its massive military presence, it would never be able to win their hearts and minds or be able to break their will and resolve for freedom. Expressing sympathy and solidarity with the families of the slain militants, the spokesman prayed for Jannat-ul-Firdous of the deceased.
Paying tributes to slain militants, National Front chairman Nayeem Ahmad Khan in a statement issued here said, “Our brave-hearts are scripting a new history of resistance thereby adding to our responsibilities that we should remain steadfast in the way of struggle. These brave-hearts are sacrificing their precious lives for a sacred cause.” “Instead of surrendering, our youths are giving very tough time to a big military power only for the bright future of our nation. With each passing day, our responsibilities increase and we are becoming more and more duty-bound to carry the mission of martyrs to its logical conclusion,” he said.
Khan hailed the people of Tral for exhibiting solidarity with the “brave-hearts” and strongly condemned the use of force against the protesters. He also prayed for the speedy recovery of the injured people.