Kashmiri sportsman held in US over molestation charges

Srinagar: Kashmiri sportsman Tanveer Hussain, participating in snowshoe racers event in United Nation’s Sarnac village, New York, has been held on charges of molestation, The Hindu newspaper reported.
Secretary Jammu Kashmir sports council Waheed-ur-Rehman Parra confirmed Hussain’s detention, the report said.
“We are trying to ascertain the facts. Initial reports suggest that a Kashmir-origin sportsman has been detained. We are in the process of providing him the legal aid since he belongs to Jammu and Kashmir. So far, we have sketchy details of what has actually happened at the venue,” Parra told The Hindu.
A US-based news website, www.mynbc.com, said Hussain has been arrested on charges of “inappropriate sexual behaviour with an underage girl” in the village of Sarnach Lake, where was participating in snowshoe racing event.
“Police said Hussain was arraigned in St. Armand court and is behind bars in Essex County jail Wednesday night. Hussain is being held on $500 cash/$10,000 bond,” the newspaper quoted the website as saying.
According to a police statement issued to the US based website   the charges stem from a kiss with a 12-year-old student. It also says that he inappropriately touched her over her clothing. There was no accusation of force, and charges were a result of the victim’s age,” the website quoted
Hussain was one of two competitors from Kashmir who were earlier denied visa to the US participating in the event.

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  1. Sreekumar Prabhakaran   March 3, 2017 at 9:38 am

    This can’t be. It seems people who were against Tanveer visiting Saranac Lake have cooked up the case. Hang in there, Tanveer. We are with you. This will soon blow over.