Bailed in 14 cases, handicapped man still in jail

Bailed in 14 cases, handicapped man still in jail

Sopore: The disability certificate provided to Tanveer Ahmad War, 29, by Chief Medical Officer Baramulla states that the disability in his left leg is permanent, that is, there are no chances of improvement or change in the degree of disability. Using crutches to walk, War repaired electrical equipment at his home in Fakir Wani mohalla of Qadeem Eidgah, Baramulla, till five months ago, when he was picked up from his home by the police. Since then he has been in jail, even though the Baramulla court in December granted him bail in all the fourteen cases that the Baramulla police registered against him. After the court granted him bail, he was taken by police to Sheeri police station, six kilometres away from Baramulla town, and booked under another case. He was then sent to Kupwara Jail, where he continues to be behind bars.
Tanveer’s wife, Ishrat, married to him since three years, told Kashmir Reader that on the night of October 21, 2016, the army cordoned off their locality and announced on loudspeakers that nobody should come out of their home. “They searched every house in our locality. While searching our house, one of the army officers asked my husband, Aaj kal nazar nahin aatey ho? (Where are you these days?) to which my husband replied, ‘I don’t come out of my home, as I am usually busy in work.’
“After the army left, police came and arrested many youths from our locality, among them my husband. Most of the youth who were picked up that day have been released but my husband is still in jail. How can my husband who cannot walk without crutches be a threat to peace or be part of stone-pelting? I am tired of getting bail for him in all the fabricated cases against him,” Ishrat said.
“First my husband was lodged in Sub-district jail Baramulla. When I went there with his bail orders, the jail authorities contacted police station Baramulla. The police came and took him away. After a few days they lodged new FIRs against him and he was put in sub-district jail again. I approached the Baramulla magistrate, who ordered police to present all the cases for which Tanveer had been imprisoned. The police presented before the court twelve cases, excluding the two that they had registered against him when they first arrested him. In December, the magistrate ordered bail for Tanveer in all the fourteen cases registered against him. I thought they will release him now, but when I reached the police station next day, policemen from the Sheeri police station who were already present there took him to court and charged him under another case. The court sent Tanveer to sub-district jail Baramulla again,” Ishrat narrated the ordeal.
“After some days, I came to know that he had fallen ill in jail and the police had taken him to Baramulla district hospital. When I reached there, he was in the emergency ward. We spent two days in hospital. He was diagnosed with a kidney stone, which was causing him severe pain. After he was discharged, he was taken directly to Kupwara Jail and is still there,” Ishrat said.
“In Kupwara Jail, he complained of pain in his right eye. The police took him to Kupwara hospital, from where he was referred to SMHS hospital in Srinagar. After check-up and medicines, doctor told him that his eye was so badly damaged that they could not help him. Not just that, he fell inside the Baramulla police station and hurt his back and leg badly. I am so worried about his health,” Ishrat said.
“I am alone in this fight. Nobody has helped me. I knocked on every door for help and even pleaded before the police to release him. I borrowed money from friends and relatives to secure his bail. All went in vain. I am tired now. His jail term is finishing this month but I am worried they might book him in another case. How much do they want to punish a handicapped man? Is this not enough?” Ishrat said.
“I was alone in Baramulla for two and a half months. I used to visit him twice every day in the police station and I went a couple of times to see him in Baramulla jail. But after they took him to Kupwara, I came to Srinagar to my father’s house, so that I can fight my husband’s case in the high court,” Ishrat said.
“I am myself a diabetic patient. Sometimes I fall unconscious for several minutes. But I have no one to fight this case. Whatever needs to be done, it has to be done by me alone,” Ishrat said.
The FIR (First Information Report) under which Tanveer is currently imprisoned is not known to his wife. She said that the police have refused to tell her. When Kashmir Reader contacted the SHO (Station House Officer) of Sheeri, Tabraiz Ahmad, he declined to comment on the case and said that the SSP Baramulla should be contacted for information related to this case.
SSP Baramulla did not answer repeated calls from this correspondent.

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  1. Sadia   March 3, 2017 at 11:25 am

    Now they don’t even spare handicapped people ….

  2. Naveed   March 3, 2017 at 1:40 am

    Justice Delayed is Justice Denied. People should get justice asap !