LAWDA disallows sewerage under court orders, dwellers protest

LAWDA disallows sewerage under court orders, dwellers protest

SRINAGAR: A group of Dal dwellers from Ashaibagh and Saida Kadal areas on Wednesday staged protest against the Lakes and Waterways Development Authority (LAWDA). The protesters waved brooms in air while shouting slogans in favour of the conservation of Dal Lake.
Ali Mohammad Akhoon, a member of Ashaibagh-Saida Kadal Development Committee (ASDC) said LAWDA was formed to safeguard the famed lake but it has actually ruined the water body.
The LAWDA is not making serious efforts to develop sewerage and drainage system despite umpteen requests from the local residents.
“For past several years we have been requesting the LAWDA people to save Dal by setting up sewerage and drainage system in the Ashai Bagh area. The waste from the houses goes directly into the Lake”, Akhoon said.
“Today we took the initiative to clean the area,” he said.
He said the LAWDA is only harassing the poor people who live on the banks of the lake for decades but they don’t take any action against the newly built hotels and restaurants,” Akhoon said.
Secretary LAWDA Ghulam Rasool told Kashmir Reader that the authority is looking after the conservation of Dal lake under the orders of high court. “The high court has ordered not to build any drainage systems for the localities listed in the conservation plan. Eventually we have to rehabilitate the residents,” he said.
“The area is volatile. The people are not coming forward for the rehabilitation. This is the reason why we are taking time to rehabilitate the people from the area”, he added.

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  1. javid ahmed   March 2, 2017 at 8:07 pm

    Why don’t you shift the residents living behind mamta hotel?. Why did you provide drainage system to them? Isn’t this discrimination by the government?


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