Family says police and administration indifferent to poor family

Family says police and administration indifferent to poor family

Fatehkadal youth missing for eight days

By Aaqid Andrabi
SRINAGAR: The parents of an 18-year-old youth, Saqib Bhat, has missing from his home in Fateh Kadal Srinagar for the last eight days have accused the district administration and police of a being callous in tracing the whereabouts of son.
“Nothing has been done so far to find our son. We provided the police station with his phone and asked them to find out who was the last person our son had contacted or at least find his last know location by tracing his phone but till now no progress has been made on that front as well,” said Abdul Rashid Bhat, father of Saqib.
The only time, Bhat said, police came out to look for him was when the family and the neighbors blocked traffic on the main road in protest. “That was when they went out and pretended as if they were looking for our son” said Bhat.
Saqib is the only son of Bhat, an ATM guard with a family of six to feed.  Sitting in a small room which can hardly accommodate five persons, the family and relatives are all gloomy.
“When the police boat came to look for him in the Jhelum it had no fuel and we had to bear the expense of arranging the fuel, (Rs 3000) for the boat.” said Bhat.
“I am a poor man and you can see how we live. If only I had been a rich man I would have spent huge amounts of money so that anyone at all could help me find my son,” he said. Saqib’s mother is in a state of shock.
SP North, Sajad Ahmad told Kashmir Reader that they were actively looking for the boy. “We have been looking for the boy all these days. The local administration has been more than active and has been searching for the lost boy. But I accept that we don’t have any clue till now,” Ahmad said.

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