‘Stage being prepared for one more bloodshed this year’

‘Stage being prepared for one more bloodshed this year’

Hurriyat asks people to follow ‘accepted and recognised’ leadership

SRINAGAR: Blaming state administration for playing “mischief”, Huriyat Conference (G) on Monday said administration is hell bent on making situation volatile in Kashmir and for this “disturbance and uncertainty is being created in the state”. The amalgam also condemned the unabated arrests of youth during night raids and demanded their immediate release.
In a statement issued here, a spokesman of the conglomerate while referring to the army chief’s statement, arrests, and rumors about unrest, said India and its agencies are “preparing stage for one more bloodshed this year”.
“Disturbances are deliberately created in the state and are Indian agencies are hell bent on crippling our economy so that people won’t be able to pursue the freedom movement. This is a ‘’Doval Doctrine’ which is being implemented after a signal and due approval from Indian home ministry,” he said.
“Accordingly, in future, they will arrest more and more youth, implicate Huriyat leaders in false and fabricated cases, put undue curbs and restrictions on media. They are looking to control masajids and religious schools through their favourite and blue-eyed religious clerics,” he added.
The spokesman said Indian agencies have formulated short and long term policies to “destabilise our economy”. “As per this strategy, they have started to spread malicious, unauthorised news and rumors followed by arresting youth from every corner of the state.”
Urging people to understand the “follies being played by India and its agencies”, the spokesman said “accepted and recognised leadership is leading the freedom movement and they are visionary and competent enough to devise the strategy with regards to movement”.
“We believe that pro-India politicians and parties are power thirsty and big hurdle in peaceful and lasting solution of Kashmir issue. It is desirable for our nation to maintain distance from these politicians and never vote and support them. In such case, India can never mislead the world community and it will be difficult to justify its illegal occupation of Jammu Kashmir,” he said.
“People should ignore all rumors and follow the programme issued by the resistance leadership,” the Hurriyat spokesman added.

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