Home ministry advocates more control: Report

Home ministry advocates more control: Report

Recommends revival of SOG, development schemes for Bakerwals and Paharis to save them from ‘Wahabi influence’, lists media outfits that need to be ‘promoted’
Srinagar: The Home ministry has strongly advocated the control of mosques, madrasas, print and TV media and revival of the police’s counter insurgency unit SOG (Special Operation Group).
In its assessment of the prevailing situation in Kashmir, the report suggests an overhaul of intelligence and police management, Indian Express reported.
For tackling militants from across the border, the report recommends the revival of the infamous SOG “as it was done in 2002”. In its pre-2002 avatar, human rights organisations say SOG was an extrajudicial force accused of grave human rights abuses.
Both PDP and NC have sought to distance themselves from this force.
The report calls for controlling changes in political atmosphere, strengthening intelligence set-up and reaching out to the “moderate faction of Hurriyat” to deal with the current situation.
The newspaper reported that the assessment report was compiled after securing inputs from ground, suggests long-term “actionable points” and has been sent to National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval.
Discussing the three-decade-old insurgency in the Valley, the report makes no reference to Pakistan but suggests that the political atmosphere in the Valley needs to be changed and those who were part of the 2014 election victory need to be supported and promoted by the government.
The report suggests that some of the financial schemes of the government of India should be implemented to bring more people in their area of influence.
Giving the break-up of Shia, Bakkarwal and Pahadi Muslim population, it suggests that a special development scheme can be implemented for them before they get lured by pro-freedom groups or what it calls the “widespread cult of Wahabism within the valley”.
The moulvis at the mosques need to be engaged that will go a long way to quell insurgency in the valley, it said.
The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting needs to revive its Jammu and Kashmir division that is largely defunct, the report says. It lists TV channels as pro- and anti-India and newspapers that it says should be promoted for “perception management,” states the report. The report says those news organisations in the valley fomenting anti-India sentiment should be “discouraged” from telecasting any “negative propaganda”.
On the role of pro-freedom groups, the report calls for crackdown by Income Tax and other agencies on them but at the same time advocates engagement with the moderate faction.
To curb cases of stone-pelting, it has been advised that those indulging in such incidents need to be booked under Public Safety Act and for first-time offenders, especially teenagers, special juvenile homes may be set up so that they do not get influenced by more radical elements.
For economic development and to tackle unemployment, it has been suggested that the government come up with a special provision or legislation related to corporate social responsibility (CSR) for Jammu and Kashmir to ensure that business houses carry out activities under this head in the valley and yearly targets for the companies may be fixed.

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  1. Ayaz Ahmed   February 26, 2017 at 2:06 am

    2-3 Media of Kashmir including KR is Pro-Hurriyats it is known to everybody in Kashmir..
    It Gives front page news coverage to Militants funerals even Pakistani ,
    On The other Hand I was shocked to see Funeral Of Kashmiri Army Soldier Lance Naik Mohiuddin Rather,who was ambushed just 3days Back, did not even find any mention in Newsprint of these Pseudo newspapers ,would be the first to face crackdown and banned.
    Bcoz of some vested jounalists at these newspapers entire Journalist community of Kashmir r defamed ,They will write selectively .


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