Gen Rawat’s statement ‘arrogant’, reveals ‘tyrannical mindset’: Geelani, Shah

Gen Rawat’s statement ‘arrogant’, reveals ‘tyrannical mindset’: Geelani, Shah

SRNAGAR: Chairman Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani and amalgam’s general secretary Shabir Ahmad Shah on Saturday termed the statement of army chief Bipin Rawat as “arrogant” , “ridiculous”, and reflection of “tyrannical mindset”.
In a statement issued here, Geelani said the statement is “nothing but their (India’s) power of arrogance and proves that India is an autocratic state which believes in its military might and is desperate to suppress the freedom sentiments of people in the state”.
Geelani said New Delhi’s “shrewd” policies have never helped it in past nor it will deliver any good in future. “The people are striving for freedom and pursuing their right to self-determination. Those who believe they can deter us from our mission are living in a fool’s paradise,” he said.
“Army chief must learn a lesson from his predecessors who have admitted that Jammu & Kashmir is a political issue and denied it being a law and order problem. The ex-army chief of India General Hooda during his tenure and after his superannuation admitted that Kashmir is a political issue and rejected the idea of using harsh measures for its resolution,” he added.
Hurriyat (G) chairman said Kashmir is neither a law and order problem nor can it be resolved through military might. “We are striving for its resolution since last seventy years and world community acknowledges its historical background. Three full-fledged wars between two countries were fought and even now people in south Asia are facing harsh difficulties because of this burning issue,” he said, adding, the “stubborn approach” of Indian authorities is creating hurdles in its peaceful resolution.
Terming General Rawat’s statement as “ridiculous” and “arrogant”, Shabir Ahmad Shah, who is also the chairman of Democratic Freedom Party (DFP), said the people of Jammu Kashmir aren’t scared of such “intimidations”.
In a statement issued here, Shah said, “The spirit of freedom can never be suppressed by force or such intimidating remarks and the nation that challenged India’s supremacy for the last seven decades cannot be cowed down by any power.”
“The threatening remarks of General Rawat are acknowledgement of defeat and reveal his frustration. To ask Kashmiris to surrender is nothing but madness. Indian army chief must not forget that Kashmiris have passed through very tough stages in their freedom struggle,” Shah added.
Shah further added, “If India achieved freedom from British rule, why can’t Kashmiris. The Great Britain was once the lone power in the world but that is now the thing of the past. Similarly, just the name of USSR was enough to scare the hell out of nations but now stands disintegrated into nearly dozen parts. Better is to learn lessons from history before it become too late.”
“The dispute of Jammu Kashmir is a reality for which the 18 UN resolutions are a living proof. Only with the resolution of Kashmir will come peace in the South Asia and all nations will usher into an era of peace, progress, and stability.”

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  1. ramersh   February 26, 2017 at 5:20 pm

    you are free to ask freedom you have elected leaders from your state but giving shelter to outsiders is a crime attacking solders in the name of freedom is wrong the solder not against your freedom he is duty bound to protect his nation from outsiders


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