Online Islamic radio promoter faces threat, files complaint with police

Online Islamic radio promoter faces threat, files complaint with police

SRINAGAR: The founder chairman of Islamic Fraternity and recently launched Radio Saut-ul-Islam, Mohammad Aamir on Friday alleged that he is being threatened to stop religious activities.
Amir who also runs Islamic Global School in Rajbagh said that someone is trying to kill him and has been giving him threats for the last one year. He said that on Thursday a stranger seemingly in 30s, entered his school building in Rajbagh and claimed he is Aamir’s neighbor while tried to push him out of school premises.
“I sensed something fishy in his behavior. I enquired his name and his intention of visiting the school but he didn’t answer. I asked him to come inside but he refused. He claimed himself as my neighbor named Irfan, and an engineer by profession. While I was trying to recall if I knew him, he was continuously pulling me out of school premises but I kept resisting,” Aamir told Kashmir Reader. He said the suspicion person was well-built and he could have harmed him if an office assistant was not round the corner.
A year ago, Aamir said that he was also threatened to stop his Islamic activities when two motor-cycle-born guys approached him outside his school in Rajbagh.
“They told me ‘Yeh kharkhana bandh karo,  warna halat kharab hojayenge’ (Stop all this activity otherwise the situation would worsen) and left the place,” he said.
Amir says that he has lodged a formal complaint with police station Rajbagh where police officials suggested him to seek security from police department. “The police officials have assured to investigate the matter,” he said.
“Taking threat as serious concern, I lodged a complaint with police. I denied seeking PSO for Almighty is enough to protect us from all dangers. This seems to be a handiwork of some agencies who don’t want me to engage youth in Islamic activities or me to propagate Islam in Valley or elsewhere,” Aamir said.
“The threat has badly disturbed our routine. But, at the same time it has made all of us stronger and compelled us to double our efforts in our activities,” he said.
“We have received a complaint and we will investigate the matter,” a police official at Rajbagh police station told Kashmir Reader.

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  1. Showkat Ahmad   February 25, 2017 at 8:44 am

    It’s all for just cheap publicity, he is not any islami celebrity or doing any extra ordinary activity regarding preaching of Islam.He is a professional runs school not on islamic basis but as per criteria set by missionary school.He charges Admission fee which is unislamic totally haram, takes commission on uniform,dairy,belt ,broje etc, yes he has beard and uses some molvies for his publicity, otherwise there is no threat to any school owner to teach Islam.
    Cheap publicity stunt


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