Police denies permission to Support Group for Justice for Kunan Poshpora event

Police denies permission to Support Group for Justice for Kunan Poshpora event
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SRINAGAR: The event scheduled to commemorate the 26th anniversary of the Kunan Poshpora mass rape by ‘Support Group for Justice for Kunan Poshpora’ has been denied permission by police, the group said in a statement issued here.
The Support Group had formally applied for permission to the office of the Deputy Commissioner (District Magistrate), Srinagar, to hold the event at a local hotel and on Wednesday, a member of the Group was telephonically informed by police officials to collect the permission order from the DC office.
“However, on reaching there, we were informed that the permission had been denied on the basis of a FAX communication from the office of the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Srinagar that there is an apprehension of law and order problem when the issue of Kunan Poshpora is raised during the event,” the statement said.
It said a signed copy of the official denial order by the DC was refused despite several requests. “This is symptomatic of the state’s attempts to completely clampdown on events relating to human rights violations particularly the sexual violence,” it said.
The Group said, “In the scheduled event, the survivors from Kunan Poshpora and members of the Support Group for the struggle were to apprise the participants about the legal proceedings of the case in the Supreme Court and remember the seven victims of that night of rape and torture who have passed away. By denying permission for the event the state has put on display its regressive behavior of regulating public spaces and curbing any conversation on critical human rights issues faced by the people of Jammu and Kashmir. This is in line with the state’s approach of clamping down the civil and political rights of the people to assemble freely and express their thoughts and opinions.”

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