No Ujala for government offices

No Ujala for government offices
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By Riyaz Bhat
SRINAGAR: While the government is promoting energy efficient technology by distributing subsidized LED lamps among public under GOI’s UJALA scheme, there seems to be no policy for energy efficiency in the government sector itself.
The J&K government has so far distributed more than 55 lakh LED
bulbs under Ujala Scheme in collaboration with Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), but the government offices across the state haven’t adopted the new technology  yet. And there isn’t any push for it either.
“The government sector have not yet installed the LED bulbs but if the government offices will need to replace their incandescent bulbs or SLV bulbs or any kind of bulbs, they are supposed to install LED’s bulbs or if there will be any damage to bulbs in government sectors they have to follow the order of government authorities to adopt the new innovation of energy savers,” said SE Power Development Department, Hashmat Qazi.
Despite a ban on use of incandescent bulbs in government offices, many offices haven’t disposed off the old lamps. The incandescent bulbs can be seen lighting some rooms even in compound of DC office Srinagar while offices in old secretariat and PDD offices in Jehangir Chowk are still using SLV bulbs and halogen lamps.
“We haven’t received any quota of LED bulbs from the authorities to install in our offices, however many officials here have brought some LED bulbs by their pocket money,” said an official at Naib-Tehsildar office.
An official of PDD told Kashmir Reader that they haven’t received any proposal from the authorities for the replacement of any kind of bulbs used in the governmental sectors. “But there is a proposal that if there is any damage to the currently used lamps then they are supposed to replace them with LED lamps,” he said.
PDD officials said that around 65 percent of energy is being consumed by public in the state, while 15-20 percent is consumed in government sector and five to seven percent in industries and factories.
After the distribution of more than 55 lakh LED bulbs under Ujala Scheme, the PDD has saved around 90-95 Mw of energy.
“We have distributed around 55.8 lacks of Ujala Led bulbs so far and we have made an arrangement of 80 lack LED bulbs for the Jammu and Kashmir state which will save around 148 Mw of energy, but now we are saving of 90-95 Mw,” SE Hashmat said.
The Srinagar Municipal Corporation is also continuing with the use of old technology.
“We are currently dealing with lanes and bylanes and we mostly have installed the high pressure sodium lamps of 150 watt but from the last few years after the innovation of LED lamps we are been directed that if anywhere we need to install a new lamp then we are supposed to install LED lamps only,” AEE SMC Nazir Ahmad.
“However there is no replacement in the currently used bulbs and if there is any damage to any lamp in the street or lane we have to replace it with the same kind of lamp, there is no such procedure to replace it with LED bulbs,” said Nazir Ahmad.

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