Protests, clashes trigger shutdown in Pulwama

Srinagar: Clashes erupted in Pulwama Township of southern Pulwama district after Friday prayers triggering shutdown in the town.
Witnesses said that scores of youths took out a Pro-freedom rally after the congregational prayers.
The protesters on reaching near Murran chowk clashed with forces who were deployed in strength in the area.
As per eyewitnesses the youths attacked the forces with stones who resorted to heavy teargas shelling. The cashes later spread to Rajpora chowk, they said.
However there were no reports of injuries during the ongoing clashes. Witnesses said that clashes triggered shutdown in most market places of the town.

One Response to "Protests, clashes trigger shutdown in Pulwama"

  1. Syed Hameed Shaheen Alvi   February 17, 2017 at 7:27 pm

    Kashmir is now a Hell on earth; daily Indian army is killing the Kashmiris branding them as Pakistanis; Indian army must remember that Pakistan, the people of Pakistan are party to the Kashmir dispute in the UN Security Council; no threat or coercion can keep them aloof from their UN obligation; Gen Rawat should not become ignorant about the Kashmir dispute and its brackgrounder; Kashmiri you shall continue agitating till the dispute is resolved; Indian refusal cannot minimize the historicity of Kashmir dispute linked with the South Asian freedom movements – Pakistan and Hindustan. subcontinent was divided in Hindustan and Pakistan; India was no longer a geographic entity after partition why Indians are making themselves fools of history, more a laughing stock at the global level; I myself have seen Hindustan lurking like a thief behind the doors of UN SC.