SMC acquiring colour-coded dustbins again despite failure at the first stage

SMC acquiring colour-coded dustbins again despite failure at the first stage
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By Nazima Sidiq
Srinagar: Come closure of the financial year and the Srinagar Municipal Cooperation (SMC) has started utilization of funds on the methods it should have kick-started several months ago. The SMC is re-investing sources in distribution of colour-coded dustbins as the scheme failed to yield results on its introduction in 2012
The coded dustbins are aimed at segregating waste materials at the source. The method helps in scientific management of the waste.
Informed SMC sources said the installation of color coded dust bins at key places has yielded no results, primarily because the civic body failed to make the idea acceptable to common people.
They said the colour-coded dustbins were first installed at various key locations in Srinagar in 2012, but it did not bear targeted results because of the lack of awareness among the people.

Box Colour coding
Green for non-bio degradable items (rubber, tyres, Styrofoam, plastic, fiberglass and metals)
Blue for bio-degradable items (food and other organic waste)

The common people say that the dustbin distribution was more on papers than on the ground. “Many times SMC officials came to our houses and collected money against dustbins but they never arrived with the trashcans.
“We lodged complaints with the concerned officials but they never paid heed,” said Hafeeza Banoo, a resident of Safakadal.
Interestingly, four years after the pilot launch four years ago, the SMC has again floated tenders for the installation and distribution of color coded dustbins.
“If the scheme turned out to be a flop show four years ago, how is it going to be relevant now? The civic body is running out of ideas to manage waste,” said a student Nadiya Amin.
“We are constrained to throw garbage in open space. It is not good but how can we help it. The waste cannot be stored for many days,” she said. “The SMC must provide big dust bins so that people can dump the domestic waste there rather than littering places here and there,” Tasleema Jan, a resident of Nowahatta said.
The SMC’s Solid Waste Management officer Nazir Ahmad Baba admitted that they have distributed  more than 30000 dustbins in the city but conceded that the number was too meager to cope up with the requirement.
“We have to buy almost 10,80,000 dustbins in one phase and 2 lakh dustbins in the subsequent phase. We are issuing tenders and after getting the stock we will provide two dustbins for each household,” he said.