Speaker’s act proves Govt run by RSS: Rasheed

Jammu: Independent legislator Er Rasheed said Speaker’s directions for expunging chief minister Mehbooba Mufti’s remarks on Article 370 have validated the belief that the government is being run on the diktats of RSS from Nagpur.
Rasheed said Speaker dared to “exceed his constitutional powers only on the directives received from New Delhi.”
He said that BJP raised the issue in the assembly today to get political dividends.
“Whatever chief minister said yesterday was welcomed by treasury benches by clapping and beating the tables and before asking the Speaker to expunge her remarks BJP must answer why it kept mum when CM was speaking yesterday and why it took them a day to wake up,” he said.
“Obviously, hidden hands of New Delhi want to get political dividends of Mehbooba Mufti’s defence to Article 370. BJP, like Congress, is using anti Kashmir card only to get political mileage at national level and it is unfortunate that sacrifices and rights of people of Jammu & Kashmir are being questioned only for the reason to help Congress and BJP to get power in New Delhi,” Rasheed said.
He said if PDP and BJP truly believe what they preached inside the Assembly, then they must end the alliance and call for fresh elections.