LSKFC contingent calls on Edu Min

JAMMU: The contingent of the Lone Star Kashmir Football Club, headed for New Delhi to play in the prestigious I-League, called on the Minister for Education,  Naeem Akhtar here on Thursday.
The team was led by the Chief Coach and Sports Physiotherapist, Ilahi Zahoor Kenu.
Wishing good luck to the team, the Education Minister said that combining sports and other extra-curricular with academics not only teaches the students to maintain the physical stamina, but imbibes in them also the habit of obedience, discipline, the determination to win. “While the power of reasoning, mental development, vocational specialization comes from the academic education, the physical stamina, obedience, discipline and the determination to win comes from the sports,” he said and added that the amalgamation of sports and the academics results in the all-round development of the youth.
Akhtar said now-a-days the system of education makes the students stress more on their mental development and completely rejects the physical activities. “The curriculum should include sports, games and physical health education for the all-round development of the students,” he said and added that the State’s Education Department has already taken several initiatives in this regard.