‘If I lost vision in one eye, it was God’s will’

‘If I lost vision in one eye, it was God’s will’

PULWAMA: Zahoor Ahmad Dar, 21, resident of Rohmoo village in Pumwama district, worked as a wage labourer to lend some support to his poor father. But since October 31, when pellets fired by state forces destroyed his one eye and damaged the other, his movement has been restricted to his house.
“He would never sit idle at home,” said his middle-aged mother. “But now the disability has restricted his movement. He even falls while climbing the stairs. Sometimes he ventures out of the house, and we become very worried about him then.”
Zahoor has been operated on in his eyes three times, twice in his right eye and once in the left, but there has been no improvement in his vision. “Though the vision in my right eye is useful, but both the surgeries in my left eye have failed to yield any results,” a despondent Zahoor told Reader.
He said that government forces fired pellets at him when he was returning home from work.
“On October 31, I had gone to do labour at a villager’s home. In the afternoon I decided to return home for lunch. Clashes between the forces and local youth had started in our village after a raid by the forces. As I reached my locality, the forces fired pellets at me,” Zahoor said.
He said that the pellets caused bleeding in both his eyes and he saw darkness all around. “It was almost ten days after my hospitalisation that I was able to see certain shapes and shades with my right eye,” he said.
Zahoor believes that the loss of vision in his eye is the will of God. “Allah is the creator and knower of all things. He had blessed me with eyesight. If the vision in my one eye has gone, it is also His will. We cannot challenge His decisions,” Zahoor said.
His parents, though, are extremely worried about their son. “My heart aches for my son. We want to take him outside the state for treatment but we can’t afford it. A local charity Bait-ul-Maal has provided some financial support to us for his treatment here,” his mother said.

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  1. G. Din   January 27, 2017 at 8:33 pm

    In other words:”Jaisi karni, Vaisi barni.”


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