JKLF explans why Jan 26 is ‘black day’

JKLF explans why Jan 26  is ‘black day’

Srinagar: The pro-freedom Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) on Monday said India has subjected people of Jammu Kashmir to worst kind of oppression and torture for many decades, which is glaring example of its unwillingness to honour freedom and human rights of people. The group said that in this backdrop the republic day of a nation that has snatched the freedom of a poor nation can never be a day of joy for the oppressed people of Jammu Kashmir.
Calling for a black day on January 26, JKLF’s incarcerated leader Yasin Malik said India has snatched the democratic right of Kashmiris by its military might and is continuously denying Kashmiris this right. He said democracy meant accepting the rights of poor nations and doing justice to them but India is trampling Kashmiri rights with her military might.  “It was India and its leaders like Jawahar Lal Nehru who pledged before the international community to provide Kashmiris the right of self-determination. When Kashmiris are asking for the fulfillment of same pledges they are being killed and brutalized by India,” the statement said.