‘Pellet Victims Association’ stages protest

By Riyaz Bhat
SRINAGAR: A group of protestors staged a demonstration at press enclave here on Saturday, asking the government to help the pellet victims and punishing those involved in use of such weapons.
The protestors, who called themselves the members of, Jammu and Kashmir Pellet Victims Association, included some pellet victims, and demanded immediate ban on use of pellet and other ‘lethal weapon’, and “punishment for the culprits involved in blinding the locals of Kashmir”.
“We want to yield the attention of the government to make sure that no lethal weapon like pellet guns would be used in future which according to government authorities are ‘non-lethal’,” a protestor said.
While chanting pro-justice slogans, the protesters accused the authorities of not coming to the help of pellet victims injured and killed in the summer uprising.
“We have made this association to help each other as no one is coming forward to help us. If anyone wants to help the victims he can contact us, and we can reach the people who are in dire need,” a member of the association told Kashmir Reader.
Asked about the objective of the association, one of the protestor said, “We just want justice for the pellet victims”.
The protesters were also carrying placards which read “Attention world we want justice”

One Response to "‘Pellet Victims Association’ stages protest"

  1. Moumin   July 8, 2017 at 1:21 pm

    Could you please help provide the Contact Details of Mr Ashraf, President Pellet Victims Association and possibly a link to an online source with patient contact details/ account details. I know for sure a lot of people want to do their bit to lessen their financial distress.