KP resolution: Mehbooba maligning, demonising Kashmiris, says KCSDS

‘We don’t need her lectures on inclusive culture’
SRINAGAR: Kashmir Center for Social and Development Studies (KCSDS) on Friday slammed the chief minister Mehbooba Mufti for “maligning” and “demonizing” Kashmirs by “distorting” facts and views about Kashmiri Pandits.
In a statement issued here, the group also sought apology from CM for “vilification” of Kashmiris. “By deliberately confusing Kashmiris’ principled opposition to carving out of separate enclaves in the valley in the name of Panidts, she (Mehbooba) is deliberately obfuscating issues,” it said.
The groups said Kashmiris have never opposed the return of Pandits to the valley but are against the “communal balkanization”, the separate enclaves and settlement of non-Kashmiris in Panidit enclaves through “deception”. “This treacherous policy of the state at the behest of New Delhi is definitely dubious and fraught with disastrous consequences for the communal harmony as well as demography of the state,” it said.
KCSDS said it welcomes the passing of resolution for the return of Kashmiri Pandits but opposes the “clandestinely making up of enclaves”. “Enclave is an enclave whether you make them up of majority Pandits and minority Muslims or exclusively of Pandits .
“Our stand is crystal clear. All those people who have been displaced from the valley from 1947 onwards should be facilitated in their dignified return to their own neighbourhoods. The Resettlement bill which the same Assembly passed twice is awaiting implementation. The SC to which it has been referred to has no jurisdiction to give a judgement over it as it concerns the resettling of those who have been displaced from their own home. No court on earth can deny them the right to return to their homes. No Kashmiri can deny Pandit brothers and sisters their right to return to their home in the valley,” it said.
“On one hand, CM talks of Kashmiriyat which according to her has been discarded by Kashmiris and on the other side she speaks of the return of only one community and that too in separate enclosures. Where is the Kashmiriyat? This is nothing but cheap deceptive politics aimed at obfuscating the perceptions about Kashmir in Jammu. Kashmiris do not need her ‘lectures’ on inclusive culture. Let her preserve her lectures for RSS godfathers,” the group added.