Power cuts necessary because of excess, illegal usage: Govt

Jammu: Unscheduled power cuts in Jammu and Kashmir occur because of the gap that exists between the total load demand of consumers and the actual registered load which is supposed to be met by the power department, the government said on Thursday.
In a written reply to a question by BJP legislator Sat Pal Sharma, the government said that the indiscriminate use of gadgets puts an overload on the power system, especially during winters in Kashmir and during summers in Jammu, and therefore the power supply is based on load management.
The reply stated that the state had a peak load of 2102 MW in summer and 1984 MW in winter in 2016-17, which was about 45 percent more than the contracted demand.
As per the government, there were times when the aggregate load increased to levels beyond the capacity of the local grid station, feeding lines and receiving stations. In such conditions, the department was constrained to enforce unscheduled cuts for system safety. If these unscheduled power cuts were not enforced, vital power equipment could be damaged, the government said.
The government said that long-term measures to avoid overloading, such as revamping of transmission and distribution system, have been sanctioned under various centrally-sponsored schemes in the state.
“Regarding the ongoing unscheduled power cuts, various measures have been taken to minimise the distress of power cuts. Additional 2-hour curtailments to industries have been effected recently to take care of domestic consumers during peak hours,” the government’s reply said.
The reply stated that enforcement drives were started during the month of December and so far, 7,065 inspections have been conducted and a total of Rs 136.27 lakh fine imposed on consumers with excess and illegal load usage.