And ‘Ali Kaak’ Succeeded

And ‘Ali Kaak’ Succeeded

By Mir Umar


Once upon a time, there lived a man in our town namely Ali Kaak. During his youth , he was caught in a disturbing situation. He failed twice in the 10th class examination in early 90’s. Afterward, with no apparent reason, Ali Kaak decided to quit studies and started his own business. He managed to run a shop outside his home. Despite having no interest in study, he speaks thousand words about his intellectuality.
Two months back incidentally, I went to the shop of Ali Kaak. A man with white beard, wearing pheran, holding kangri and enjoying the smoke of hookah welcomed me with full gaeity. When I began to spoke, Ali Kaak stopped me and thrust himself into conversation . “What has now government decided for the examination?’’ he asked. I responded in a calm manner that there is 50% relaxation in the syllabus this year.
After hearing that there was relaxation in the syllabus, Ali Kaak became enthusiastic and asked, “Can I pass my examination this year”. “Yes” I said. Finally Ali Kaak decided to appear in the board examinations. His courageous decision made him the most joyous person that I have ever seen.
Ali Kaak started reading his old course books and guides. He also sought help from different teachers who went to his shop in the evening. Ali Kaak suffered badly during the preparation time because it had been a long time since he had quit his studies.
Eventually, the moment arrived when Ali Kaak appeared for the 10th class board examination.
All the students’ eyes focused Ali Kaak when he entered the examination hall. The confused stares and glimpses of students made him angry and frustrated. The same sage repeated itself on all the days of examinations. After the final paper came, Ali Kaak distressed and restarted his business and his hookah.
It was 3’o clock. I was sitting at my home after lunch. In the meantime, I heard some noise and hustle and bustle outside my house. This piqued my curiosity and I ventured out. What I saw was a large mob had gathered outside Ali Kaak’s shop. These people were congratulating him.
I asked an onlooker, “What has happened”? The man responded in a dim voice and said, “Ali Kaak has succeeded in the 10th class examination”. After listening to this news, I went to self disturbing mode and went inside my house. I was happy but not to that extent that I could enjoy it.
Ali Kaak’s success in 10th class board examination came as an inspiring message to other youths in our town. If he could pass so could they. Ali Kaak has now a huge following and he has become a role model for the youths since.


—Mir Umar is a student and is keenly interested in writing and Literature. He can be reached at [email protected]

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