Victim of Kathua attack narrates to Jama’at: ‘Neither police nor admin is bothered about us’

Victim of Kathua attack narrates to Jama’at: ‘Neither police nor admin is bothered about us’

SRINAGAR: A delegation of Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir comprising of Advocate Zahid Ali and Abdul Karim Nadvi on Saturday visited the residence of Miskeen Ali of Hariachak village in Kathua district who is one of the victims of attacks allegedly carried out by RSS goons in the area.
As per a statement issued here, the victim narrated the whole ordeal before the delegation. The statement said, “The RSS-backed communalist elements with a well designed plan provoked the local Hindu population after mysteriously throwing severed head and limbs of a cow the premises of Miskeen Ali during the intervening night of 8th and 9th January. They had hid the limbs in a heap of grass which belong to Ali.”
“A mob of about 4000 infuriated Hindus attacked the Muslim hamlet particularly the houses belonging to Miskeen Ali and his relatives causing a huge damage to the property of the hapless Muslims. Their residential houses and cow sheds were stoned, smashing the glass panes and their vehicles including Mahindra load carrier, tractor, and 407 mini truck got damaged. Some heaps of grass were also burning down,” it said.
The statement added, “The women folk were also manhandled and threatened of dire consequences in case they do not leave the present place. The main culprits behind this well-planned attack were the local sarpanch Darshan Sharma and his pet colleagues. These elements want to grab the huge land owned by Haji Aalam and other Muslim families.”
“Instead of taking any action against the culprits, police has deliberately played the role of spectators and failed to protect the property and person of the minority Muslim community. A number of persons from Muslim community also got injured. None of the officials from the administration have so far visited the locality to assess the damage caused to these helpless Muslims which has encouraged the communal elements backed by the local RSS goons,” it said.
Jama’at-e-Islami J&K expresses solidarity with the victims of the “communal frenzy of RSS goons backed by the BJP politicians who are openly challenging the existence of Muslims in Jammu”.
“Some BJP leaders have time and again threatened the local Muslims by reminding them of the 1947 massacre,” the statement added.

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  1. SkB_Australia   January 15, 2017 at 10:47 am

    These liars are facing Allahs ajaab….. Allah can forgive Kaffirs but not liars


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