Mirwaiz cautions against ‘provocation trap’

Srinagar: Hurriyat Conference led by Mirwaiz Umer Farooq on Saturday said that burning of posters of top Iranian, Hizbollah and Syrian leaders is a “provocation trap” of some elements who were trying to stoke sectarian and communal tensions in the Kashmir valley.
After Friday congregational prayers, a few masked protestors surfaced in Nowhatta, the epicentre of anti-India protests, and burnt posters of Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, Hizbollah general secretary Hassan Nasrallah, and Syrian president Bashar-al-Assad.
“Certain anti-resistance agencies have become active and busy devising plans to set Kashmir afire by stoking sectarian and communal passions. All this is being done at a time when entire Kashmir stands in unison for the cause of freedom. Nobody would be allowed to damage the sectarian harmony and religious brotherhood and these elements would be defeated at all levels,” Mirwaiz said in a statement.

One Response to "Mirwaiz cautions against ‘provocation trap’"

  1. SKChadha   January 15, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    Hurriyat deceives the world by using a universal word, azadi, to push a narrow, religious demand. Kashmiris have no confusion about what this azadi means i.e. Mughaliya Rule in valley with ideal Sunni state. The terrorism in the subcontinent and even in valley is the monopoly of such thinkers? There is a token Shia among the Hurriyat’s warriors and Mirwaiz Sahib is an important figure of this Jamat. His acquisition of Mirwaiz Throne at the age of 17 is itself against the basic tenets of Sunni thoughts of ancestral control of religion?

    Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Sahib and Hon’ble octogenarian Geelani Sahib of Jamaat-e-Islami, forget that founder of JeI in India the Maharashtra man Maududi, himself opposed Kashmir raid by Pakistan or Kabayali by saying jihad could only be prosecuted formally by a Muslim state, and not informally by militias … !!! Mirwaiz and Geelani Sahib are discarding this by many times supporting terrorism against State Agencies in Kashmir? Though, Maududi being ecumenical unified the four Sunni groups of thought but he always excluded Shias, as heretics. So is done throughout by Geelani Sahib and Mirwaiz except for their political gains …. 🙂

    Whatever the idea of freedom unfolds from them, it is with a religious and sectarian instinct, unless it is for political gain in valley. It is irony of Kashmir that all these pro-azadi groups, centered in valley, are mainly Shia-killers and don’t allow them to hold even Ashura Processions in Srinagar, as during these processions Shia demand Azadi from Mughaliya kind of rule fomented from Srinagar? In promoting their hatred and bigotry only, they plead for the support of other Muslims by leaning on the name of the Prophet Muhammad.

    This is the precise reason that these groups could not muster public support and is divided lot and they fail to reach even J&K State Assembly. They and their ‘Huriat Pasand’ congregation of over two dozen parties (or individuals) have no listener, except few pockets of valley. This is due to their refusal to be the part of electoral processes in J&K. This amalgam is now involved mainly protecting their constituency in Pakistan and funds/ logestic support from GOP for their own benefits. The entire world is watching this drama jovially since years. These leaders are amassing wealth for their families (beyond their declared means) and since years exploiting religious sentiments on both sides of LOC.