Mehbooba calls for dialogue within

Mehbooba calls for dialogue within

Says ‘good atmosphere’ will compel India, Pak to come together

Mehbooba Mufti addresses party workers at Indoor Stadium | Photo: Faisal Khan

Srinagar:  Chief minister Mehbooba Mufti said on Saturday that a peace process should start in the state, which entails “talking between ourselves” as “our people are fighting against each other.”
“I request you to stand united. The relations between India and Pakistan are bad but they cannot remain the same always. Both the nations have to live and die together. We have to create such a good atmosphere in Jammu and Kashmir that India and Pakistan are compelled to come together,” said Mufti who was addressing PDP workers at a function commemorating the first death anniversary of party patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed.
Mufti said Jammu and Kashmir bears the direct brunt of animosity between India and Pakistan and “good atmosphere” in the state will compel India and Pakistan to come together.
She said her father always wanted to take the state out of “this morass because development is not possible unless we get out of this difficult situation.”
“That is why he wanted to take the developmental process forward along with the political process,” she said. “I am confident that we will work on that agenda and take J-K out of this morass.”
“There are issues to work… the biggest of them is unemployment…work on all these issues comes to standstill when our political process stops”.
“The political process started by Sayeed in his first term from 2002-05 saw dialogue. Roads were opened and there was a good atmosphere between India and Pakistan, there was ceasefire but because of the governments here and in Delhi, that process could not be taken forward,” she lamented
The Chief Minister said Sayeed had to ‘start from zero’ when he took over the reins of the state again in 2015 but ‘unfortunately he could not complete the task.’
Mehbooba said that her government is now trying to bring
back on track the peace process and noted that she had written to resistance camp to meet the parliamentary delegation which visited the state at the time of raging anti-India uprising in which more than 100 persons were killed and thousands injured.
“First we should talk within us. Our people are fighting against each other. Our children should be in schools, with pens in their hands. Sometimes, certain elements thrust stones in their hands in place of bats and balls.
“It will take time and we are hopeful of succeeding,” she said.

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